Morphe 350M & 350S!

So I have had a love for morphe palettes ever since I got the 35F which can I just say is a heavnly mix of shades. So after loving that, and seeing these brand new warm autumnal looking beautys, I just had too!?

So the 350M is definatley and suprisngly my favourite of the two.. It’s perfect, there’s everything from white and creams to warm browns to reds and oranges! It has quickly became such a handy little companion in my everyday makeup routine! It is really handy having these 35 warm matte shades, as they are all in one place!

The 35OS is also great! Saying that though some of the shades aren’t as pigmented as hoped, but they have that great creamy texture, and I just wet my brush to get extra pigment!

I know they do the 35O which would probably have been a more practical option, but having both is great! There is also a lot of fantastic dupes out there, such as the NYX Warm Neautrals palette!

So thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this! I’ll be back with another post soon!

Love, Sarah x


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