Beauty Advent Calander!

So I’ve been lusting over these since last christmas, as they are so expensive I never imagined having one but a girl can dream right?!

But I have be lucky enough that I was treat to one this year! I am so so grateful and excited to see the goodies behind each day!

So the one I recieved was the Marks & Spencers one, which is £35! Appertnly it has £250 of things inside which is super duper exciting! I can’t wait for the 1st so I can open it!

Also there all indivdualy boxed as you can see in the photo, so I’m going to keep it for next year and fill it with goodies for the countdow again!

So I was thinking it would be a great blogging idea, that each day I open this I’ll write a mini post about what I think of the item etc!

So thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing what’s behind everyday of the calander!!

Love, Sarah x


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