Day 2!

Literally the first thing on my mind everytime I wake up now is ‘what will I get today’ and today it was a good infact GREAT product!

I got a ‘Rodial’ product, which are a skincare brand, the packaging is a super bright green which is so so nice! But the product itself is the ‘super acids x-treme acid rush peel’ in 10ml! It’s basically like a clear face mask that you leave on for about 10 minutes!

I couldn’t actually find the official price for this size, but is a higher end name, so something around the £20 mark (I think).

So I actually tried this on my skin this morning, and for me that has very senstive skin, I was slightly worried about it causing redness, but none at all! It worked fabulously, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and super soft! Even though it looks a tiny 10ml you only need a little bit of product to do your whole face, and my face is in the larger side (like a 5head). 

Overall I’m super chuffed with this and will get plenty of use out of it, hopefully it will carry on making my skin soft!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3!

Love, Sarah x


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