Day 5! 

On the 5th day of christmas my true love (advent calander of course) gave to me.. a Josh Wood hair oilllll.

So this is the ‘Josh Wood, radiant shine hair treatment oil’. Now this has such a nice smell to it for starters and I like the packaging how it’s in the dropper, as it’s easier to control!

Really I could do with using a hair oil, as I use heat on it most days, either straightners or curlers! Also this is for shine, which will be perfect, especially in the dull winter (which I love) my hair will be gleaming (I hope..).

The price for this is £12.50, which seems okay because you wouldn’t need to use much each time. It says that you pop this on your hair before washing, which I like the idea of, because I hate having to leave greasy feeling products on my hair!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 6!

Love, Sarah x


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