Day 7! 

Today I was suprised by the product? A suncream.. M&S are obvioulsy not expecting or white christmas, or maybe they are jetting of to Australia? Who knows! But anyway yes a suncream.

Really this is a great product to get as I can save it and it’ll come in super handy for next summer! Plus it’s great as it has spf 30,anti ageing properties and is also for senstive skin, great or what?! It’s also just for the face, so that classes as skincare right?

The price for this suncream is £10, which is high end for a suncream, so it must be amazing?! This is also why I love this advent calander because it gives me a chance to try things I would never pick up normally!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 8!

Love, Sarah x


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