Day 9!

Hello, so day 9? Today I am very happy with the item in the calander, a nail polish, seen as I own around 160 I am obsessed or was? I remember when I was at school I used to change my nail colour every single day (clearly had too much time on my hands).

But yeah today I got a nail polish and I love it! So it’s an ‘autograph’ one in the prettiest shade for this time of year!! ‘Cranberry’ I mean I think I like cranberry juice, but I know I’m a fan of the colour!

It’s not matte or a block colour, it looks as if it has some shimmery kind of metalicness to it which excites me (obviously easily excited), but yeah this says it also contains argan oil and vitiman e which sounds great!

I’m super excited to paint my nails with this, as I think it’s the perfect christmasy wintery shade, a nice alternitive to a red! Plus it will match with my ‘mac; cranberry’ eyeshadow, which is great news as I love love love colour coordination!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 10! (ooo double figures;))

Love, Sarah x


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