Day 11!

Todays is probably the most excited I’ve been, I have heard loads about this product and it honestly sounds amazing!

It’s the ‘Emma Hardy cleansing balm’ and oh my goodness the smell is amazing! It’s basically a balm to take your makeup of with or to just cleanse your face, I can’t wait to try it, hopefully it won’t sting my eyes (I hate eyes).

But also I kind of hope I don’t like it as the full size is about £30 which is crazy expensive, I imagine to look like a goddess after using this (doubful), but yeah I wonder if it’s really any better than Liz Earle? Which I love love love!

I really like the packaging of this too, the light green is such a nice colour, and doesn’t it look like the cutest little mini ever!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 12!

Love, Sarah x


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