I have quite the obsession with shoes and boots, I don’t get to many expensive pairs but I do love me a pair of new shoes, I don’t love the blisters that you sometimes get though.. nope not fun. But I thought I’d show you my 3 favourite pairs of boots that I have in my collection. I’m not at all a Gok Wan of the fashion world but I don’t think my choices are hideous hahah.

I’m going to share my favourite 3 pairs of boots, now I won’t be wearing these probably until the autumn time, which is my favourite time of the year but that’s a whole different story. But I thought I’d just include them because I LOVE them dearly and could not leave them out.


So this is the first pair of boots, from M&S! I love these, mainly because of the colour lovely deep red, always matches my lipstick (gotta get that colour coordination).


So these babies are from Topshop. I mainly purchased them due to the fact there is a bumble bee embroidered on each one along with other beasties. These are so unique and fab as a statement piece to an outfit.



These little gems are from Primark. The main thing I love about these aside the colour is the cut out sides! These are a massive staple for me in the autumn!



All of these boots are super different and all work for different ocassions or with different ourfits! But I love them all very equally and can’t wait till it’s autumn/winter to wear them again (moaaaans about how much she hates summer).

Actually as I’m writing this it is actually miserable outside, I think that’s what made me think about them! They are the light on a rainy day!



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