red & gold

So I thought I would bring to you a makeup look, which I am just going to call ‘red & gold’ how inventive of me.. but I like to just get straight to the point. I just happened to create this makeup look the other day and I loved it, funny as it includes no eyeliner wing, but if i’m honest at the moment I might be giving up my love of eyeliner in general, I just feel this look is more summery, but sill quite bold, which I like.

The main products I used for this eye look were;

  • Urban Decay; sin primer potion! which is use in everrrry single eye look, it just keeps the colours vibrant and also keeps them on all day.
  • Jeffree Star; androgyny palette! now I was always in two minds to buy this palette but o m gee, it’s amazing it is, the colours just oo ‘buttery’, no but they are super soft and so easy to blend on your lids.

So this is the eye look in question, just super pretty and so easy, I used fourrrr just four colours to create it, and I really love the no liner look.


jeffree star 2

jeffree star Jeffree Star; Androny Palette (on top & open on bottom)! Urban Decay; Sin Primer Potion (on bottom)! Shades used in the palette where ‘frosting, charm, fetish & de ja vu’!

I just feel this look is so simple and summery, also a lot more natural because of the no liner. I could do a step by step photo of this look on my blog soon if anyone would be interested. Let me know, give me some ideas too as I love trying eye looks.

Anyway the sun is starting to go in, and I’ve got a packet of biscuits to eat, so y know better get to them. The flowers near me are dying at the moment which isn’t ideal, not very inspiring while I’m trying to write but hey ho, I guess everything comes to an end just like this blog post. (what a bloody pointless ramble that was, good one sarah)






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