Leather Jackets

There’s just something so comfortable and wearable about leather jackets for me, I always have been pretty darn fussy when it comes to coats. But leather ones just seem to speak to me on another level. They go with everything, like a little trusty companion. I seem to have an array of four different colours now which really isn’t needed, but you know me I am hoarder.

So we’ll start off with the staple, the black leather jacket, I’m sure everyone owns one right.. or at least most people. It just goes with everything, just an easy throw on and makes you feel pulled together. A black leather jacket is just always there, always the safe option that’s always by your side.


My next one is cream, cream is just perfect for summer.. Just goes perfectly with a white bardot top, which I am quite in love with. Also LOVE the silver metal details, I hattte gold, so the silver makes it much more wearable for me.


Next I have my much brighter leather coats, let’s start with the mustard one, I blooming love this! Mainly because of the colour, it’s like a little ray of sunshine and brightens every single outfit. Which is absolutely perfect, and ideal for the summer time!

So this next one is the same style but in my absolute favourite colour which is dark red, this is such a Sarah jacket, mainly because it will always match my lipstick. But another detail I love about this coat is the belt that goes around the bottom, just adds a little extra detail.




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