a whole lot of baggage

So let’s have a chat about one of my favourite things, that I own roughly 20 off, bags. I love bags. My name is Sarah and I love bags. Not expensive ones just lil vintage steals, there is nothing I love more than popping in a charity shop and finding a bag that I most definitely don’t need, but it’s a bit like love at first sight, and I just can’t leave it sitting there. It’s okay having a lot of bags, mainly because you don’t grow out of them.. or at least that’s what I say to make myself feel better about it.

I thought I would show you my favourite few that I’ve picked out. So I’ll pop some piccys underneath, starting with the one that I use daily at the moment. 


this lil beauty is from a charity shop, amazing just to throw a few bits in


this lil binocular case looking bag is one of my favs ever, leopard print inside, from primani



oo this blue beaut i picked up at an antiques fair, goes with everything loooove


this is such a gorgeous colour, lil jane shilton vintagey bag from my one & only audery


this one is from zara, mostly the one i use everyday, so many lil compartments & furry


another charity shop babe, all woven round the sides and a lovely tan colour


another lil charity shop one, super small but cute cute cute


i bought this from depop, but it’s super duper worn which i love with bags, makes it more vintage lmao


i think this one may have started my obsession, my grandma brought this back from blackpool, amazin


red again, who would have guessed? this one was also from a charity shop, super handy lil bag


oooo i love the vintagness of this again from depop. fanny bag and i flippin love how old it is


so my bee happy bag, thank u wilko for this, it’s just bloody cute and i couldn’t not include

So yep I’m a tad insane owning all these bags (and more these are just my favs) but being a lil insane is totally fine.





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