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I am a slight makeup snob or at least I used to be, but not being able to afford such expensive eye palettes I have drifted towards makeup revolution, a makeup brand I didn’t mind, but was never crazy about. I picked up some of there palettes recently and I must admit that I love them. When I can afford to will I go for the higher palettes again? yes.. but I know I can also rely on these gems to create some fabulous eye looks!


soph x makeup revolution palette!

Oh my gosh, this palette is just dreamy! The main reason i picked this one up is because of the wide variety of shades. you could easily do many different eye looks with this palette. One of my favourite shades in this palette is the blue brown, it has the shift to it which can help transform an eye look.


life on the dance floor ‘guest list’ palette!

I am a huge fan of warm toned eyeshadows, so when I spotted this I was beyond excited, I just had to pick one up. This is probably the best quality palette that makeup revolution have done, they have stepped up there game with the pigment in this one. For me this is my new everyday palette


i heart mint chocolate palette!

Last but definitely not least this palette just screamed autumn to me, I adore the red, rust and yellow shades. But you also have the colours in here such as the blues and greens, which give you more options for looks. I mean a stand alone reason to get this palette would be that it smells of mint chocolate!

I have been using these palettes for around three weeks now, and I can say these are incredible for the price. You can pick these up at either Superdrug or tam beauty online.

Hopefully this helped some of you who are looking for some palette inspiration or just some cheaper options, thanks so much for reading!


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