the perfect winter coat

I am generally quite a fussy person, especially when it came to winter coats, oh my god, I could just never seem to find one that I actually wanted to wear and felt comfortable in. One evening I was browsing the Zara app as you do, looking at there new autumn/winter collection. I came across a coat and it was literally love at first look, I was obsessed with it, which is very rare with me and coats.

I was lucky enough to get this, it was a little pricey at £89.99 but I can tell I am going to get so much wear from it as I have already. It’s quite the staple item to have in my wardrobe, something that I can wear each winter. It is also very good quality, something again which will last for a while! It’s also so warm, feels as if you’re wearing a dressing gown outside, which is absolutely ideal.

I picked the dark red maroon shade, as I thought it was very seasonal and something a bit different, they did have it in black and a khaki too. I really love the overall design of this coat as I adore wearing leather jackets, I love the fluffy cuff and neck detail and the silver hard wear and belt just tops it all off!

Hopefully this post can give you some inspiration if you’re looking for a coat, I have attached the link below as to the zara website! Thanks so much for reading!

coat link;


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