morphe 39A


I was so incredibly happy when I found this information out, it’s so annoying shipping from the us, mainly because of stupid custom charges! So now we don’t have to worry about that! WOO YH!

So obviously with it being in the uk now the shipping is super quick and takes literally 2/3 days! Which is fabulous, especially compared to waiting weeks from the us. I know that morphe sells things on beauty bay, but they never have many of their products and plus they didn’t have the new collection which is what had caught my eye.

39A, oh my what a dreamy blooming palette, it is limited edition and part of the christmas 2017 range, I just knew it was exactly something I needed in my collection, mainly because it has every shade you could possibly ever need. I also love how the middle ‘transitional’ shade pans (which you’ll see in the photo) are larger, as I do definitely go through them a lot faster than regular colours. Good move morphe, smart!

Personally I’ve always loved the quality of morphe as a brand, I think there incredible and honestly very reasonable, this palette was £32, and for 39 shades, I mean come on, that is a bargain!

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed.. maybe just me being absolutely makeup obsessed, but morphe have upped there packaging, it looks a lot more sleek and professional in my opinion, love it! But also OH MY GOD, they have improved the formula of the shadows, they are absolutely insane!



So all in all if you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette I would defiantly recommend looking at morphe, especially this 39A because it has literally everything you could need in a palette. thanks so much for reading!

link to the uk website! hit it up gals & guys!!


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