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I was speechless, I mean fully speechless and I tell you I talk a lot, so speechless isn’t normally what I am, but I was when this box turned up with the post man (I almost wanted to write postman pat). But yeah I was so and still am beyond grateful to have been chose by influenster to review some real techniques brushes, I promise I had a slight tear in my eye (hay fever.. in autumn yeah ok sarah).


So before I get into the brushes I wanted to slightly explain what influenster is, it’s basically a platform in which people who use various social medias or a blog can be sent products to try for free, and leave a review on them. I totally signed up on whim maybe expecting I would get something some year, all happened a bit sooner than I thought. I think that it’s an incredible platform for people like me and I would highly recommend you to try it out!

So as I said the box was send by influesnter and it came with four out of the powder bleu collection which contains six items, receiving four is amazing and I beyond grateful!  The brushes too buy range between the price of £15 – £22, and can be purchased in places such as; boots, superdrug, and real techniques online.

So the brushes themselves is what everyone is here for so let’s have a little chat about them. The first thing that caught my eye with these brushes was the colour, classic royal blue and black fade, which is adore, they look so classy and very easy on the eye (I think i’m in love..).

The when I unpackaged the brushes. Well, they are so soft, it is crazy, probably well defiantly the softest brushes that I own. Also they have a weight to them, which makes them feel very luxurious. I have been trying the brushes for a few days now, and oh my goodness me they are so soft, all I want to do is stroke my face with them.

I thought I would pick a top two brushes out of the four, so my top one is defiantly the B04 soft shadow brush, this blends eyeshadow like an utter dream. It is so delicate on the eye and blends any harsh lines so effortlessly. My second favourite is the B03 soft complexion brush, this for me has worked incredible for contouring my cheek bones and (MASSIVE) forehead, it doesn’t leave the contour looking muddy and blends it into the skin, to look very natural. The other two are the B02 soft finishing brush and the B01 soft powder brush, which are both equally as amazing!

I would highly recommended picking these brushes up and trying them for yourself, especially if you want to treat yourself, maybe even ask for them of santa.. Worth it I promise!

I want to finally say an a absolutely huge thank you to both influesnter and real techniques for giving me the privilege to try these, so so grateful!

Thanks so much for reading!



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