I am beyond grateful that my bestie Audrey (my grandma) got me it again this year, such a an unexpected surprise.

So my absolute angel of a grandma surprised me with the marks & spencers’ beauty advent calender, which I had also last year, and it was SO amazing, so obviously I am incredibly excited to open it this year, because I can imagine it is so much betttter! EEE. I just love opening each box daily and seeing what I get. Personally I think it’s an incredible way to find new products, and who wouldn’t want a present everyday? I honestly this the marks & spencers’ calender is the best on the market.


I thought it would be a fabulous idea to post on here each day what I have received, it’s such a fun idea, as if we are all doing it together really. Also at the end of Decemeber I will do a round up blog post of my favourite items out of the calender!

SO yeah tomorrow will be the first day, how excitiiiing, I am literally so buzzed like a lil bee (I really miss bees in the winter). It’s also been snowing allll day and I was going to get a photo of the calender outside (all artsy and festive u know) but it wasn’t working, I was just bloody freezing! Have you got an fancy advent calender this year?!

Thanks so much for reading!


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