m&s advent calender; day one

HI DECEMBER!! been a little old while, so excited about my advent calender this year, I really am! It all starts today wahey!

So for day one of my marks & spencers’ beauty advent calander I got.. Rosie for Autograph; amazing radiance body glow!? What a great start, I mean honestly, really who doesn’t want to glow? I know I do, everyday for the rest of my life.

It’s basically a cream to pop all over your body, that gives you a lovely little glimmer, perfect for the festive season (nope, all year round). It has a absolutely delightful smell too, so perfect for just popping your wrists/neck instead of perfume! One place this would look fabuuulous is on your collar bones, you know, make em pop!

Such gorgeous packaging too, very nice and fancy, love the little rose at the top too. Rose and Rosie I GET IT! You also get 50ml I mean that is a grand old size, will last a good while!


Thanks so much for reading!

link for product; http://www.marksandspencer.com/amazing-radiance-body-glow-120ml/p/p22500745?&pdpredirect


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