m&s advent calendar; day two

Oooo today’s box contained literally one of my favourite skin care treats, something that I will use to literally solve anything bad happening. A FACE MASK! Having a bad day? Whack on a face mask, I promise it lifts you every time. I own a blooming lot of face masks, roughly I would say I have about 20 in my collection (I think I collect everything..), so obviously there is always room for another.

It’s a brand I’m not even sure how you pronounce (that means it’ll be good), it is Filorga; meso-mask, like come on how snazzy. It’s described as a ‘smoothing radiance mask’ which to me sounds right up my street. It has what I would describe as the classic face mask smell, you know like clean smelling. I am super excited to try it as I’m sure it’ll work wonders!

I have dry skin and with it being winter it’s even worse, so I definitely need to treat my skin to a fancy new mask, hopefully it lives up to the massive expectations that I have for it in my head (I’m sure it will). I love the packaging too, very sleek with the black and white, and it has a matte feel too it.


Thanks so much for reading!

 link for product; http://www.marksandspencer.com/filorga-meso-mask-cream-mask-50ml/p/p22184714?prevPage=srp


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