m&s advent calender; day five

Today’s box was very interesting and it’s something that I’ve defiantly heard about before, and been very intrigued, now it sounds slightly scary, but to be honest I think it’ll really do wonders. Rodial; dragon’s blood sculpting gel.. dragon’s blood?! funny enough it’s not red inside, which is what I expected.

The smell is amazing, I’m not too sure what I was expecting scent wise, something dragony (lmao ok sarah), no but it is such a fresh and nice smell. Love, love, love the packaging as well, because it’s red, I love red don’t I, matches my lips (priorities).

So the gel itself claims to define the contours of the face and also add volume to sagging skin, again I feel as if this is for more ageing skin, but I will defiantly use it regardless, as I’m sure it’ll do me well, I mean I have about five chins and a five head, I could defiantly do with some defining of my contours.


Thanks for reading!

link for product; http://www.marksandspencer.com/dragon-s-blood-sculpting-gel-50ml/p/p22322755?&pdpredirect


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