m&s advent calender; day six

HI, todays box was a great one I must say, one of my favourite things, and defiantly something I don’t need more of but I mean I’ll take it. A LIQUID LIPSTICK! WOOOO! I haven’t actually tried anything from Stilla (what a shock, makeup that sarah hasn’t tried?!), but I have always liked the look of the brand.

Now if you know me you know all I will really wear on my lips is red lipstick, I just think it suits me, especially with being so pale. I mean of course I own other colour lipsticks, but I honestly find it difficult to pull of a nude.

The Stilla liquid lipstick that I received today is in the shade; perla. Guess what?! It’s a blooming nude, but it’s actually really nice and I think I can wear it. I would say it’s a pinky/purple nude, so not just a true nude. I think it will be nice to use for days when I fancy going a little more natural.

I have been wearing it today and I am always curious about what the formula will be like with a liquid lipstick, will it be too dry? will it last a while? Now to me this lippy is very comfortable to wear, also lasted while I ate food (which is fab because I am always eating tehe).

I obviously would have preferred a red shade, but I am very happy with this nude, as it’s something I defiantly wouldn’t have bought, which is what the advent calender is for. I defiantly also will be picking up a dark red shade of the Stilla lippies at some point, because I mean obviously.


Thanks for reading!

link for product; http://www.marksandspencer.com/stay-all-day-liquid-lipstick-3ml/p/p22458701?mfPartNumber=T232610L&carousel=FUNV_RR


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