i did it again.

I did the same last year, I am truly THE worst at blogging everyday of my advent calender, because certain things get busy and I end up falling one day behind and it bothers me that I have missed a day. (I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, go on it’s christmas).

So I’m obviously going to keep the eight days up, and at the end of December I will post a round up of the whole advent calender, which you will hopefully enjoy, and I will say my favourite items etc. so get excited for that hehe (I pinky promise I’ll do it).

Decemeber has just been going so blooming fast, I heard that I have a job interview which is tomorrow, eek. So obviously been preparing for that. Also I have been lucky enough, to receive some pr packages and products to try from companies, like WHAT, sarah give yourself a pat on the back gal. So I have a lot to blog!


SOOO.. Friday I am going to be posting about some gorgeous products from onlyandeve. So I guess I’ll speak to you then. X


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