I was very lucky to have been gifted a couple of products from the brand only&eve. They let me choose a candle and a diffuser, so I went onto there site and picked my chosen scents after having a little read up, I must add that the website is GREAT, very clear and easy to work around, they include the top notes of the fragrance which is very handy when ordering online. Next day delivery too guys, next day is truly what dreams are made off. And I must add, the products are amazing size too, the candle is 200g and the diffusers is 200ml.

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So I chose the Acadian Forest candle, mainly because it sounded everything christmas and I tell you now it is just that. I hadn’t even opened the box and my room already smelt like christmas. It is honestly amazing, it’s been getting me right into the festive spirit, it’s probably the best smelling festive candle I have found!


Diffuser wise I chose the Atreano & Amber scent, now I’m quite the fan of this scent also, it is a really homely, warming kind of smell. It’s not normally a scent I would have looked at but because I’m all about being cosy in the festive season, I was drawn towards the warm scent, you know.


The packaging on only&eve’s products is incredibly luxurious, they have a good weight to them, and would be beautiful as a gift for someone (or yourself).

A massive thank you to only&eve for letting me choose a couple of products, I adore them and will defiantly purchase in the future.



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