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FENTY BEAUTY IS WORTH THE HYPE (well this red liquid lipstick is). I never really thought about purchasing anything from Fenty as nothing was really screaming my name, but then they brought out a red liquid lipstick, now if you know me all I wear is red lipstick, so obviously I had too.

There was so much hype over Rhianna launching Fenty Beauty, and I was so sceptical thinking it would be another celeb popping there name all over any product, but no, she has killed it, I think personally it was the best thing to happen in the makeup world in 2017.

I got some christmas money and I just thought it would be a great lil treat for myself, it is £19 which is more higher end but it isn’t a ridiculous price, it definitely feels weighty and expensive, and the packaging is to die for. But what got me was the £6, yes SIX POUND postage from Harvey Nichols website.. (moment of madness).

The box that the lipstick comes in is the same as all the fenty packaging, which is amazing! But the packaging of the liquid lipstick itself is so unique, I think it looks very much like a nail polish. It does feel heavy, very luxurious. The lid is so fancy with the gold shift to it. The applicator is also very different to what I have in my collection, a lot smaller but it’s perfect for application!


Liquid lipsticks are all very different varying on the brand, some are very drying and literally not bearable to wear, where as others feel just like an average lippy. BUT.. the stunna lip paint, it honestly feels like nothing on your lips, it’s so light, and THE PIGMENT, guys I mean literally you only need one coat, and one dip of the product.

Lasting time for me is amazing too, like I normally have to re apply at least once a day, which I’m fine with, but stunna lip paint lasts all bloody day, even after food (which I eat a lot of), she literally has got every part of this lipstick so riiight!



!lil swatch on my lips!



got my dressing gown on as usual lol

I am just holding on now, waiting for more colours to be released because I need them all, especially a darker red, I just really need that in my life. I am incredibly happy that Rhianna started the stunna lip paint line with a red because normally brands start with  nudes, which doesn’t interest me in the slightest, so she’s got me hooked.

Have you tried any fenty products? Are you going too? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing about makeup, so tell me any old thing in the comments!

Love yas x



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