‘NEW YEAR NEW ME’ haha, course not, still going to be exactly the same, but I mean I can try and improve some aspects of my life..

About a month ago now I was contacted by johealthjournal (they post very inspiring quotes!!) via Instagram, and was asked if I would like to try out there brand new shiny journal, of course I wanted too and I thought it would make a perfect post for the new year.


this is the cover of the journal, absolutely gorgeous greeny/blue shade!

I’m no healthy living fanatic.. but I am trying this year to be slightly healthier, even if that just means drinking a little more water. But I’m using this a lot as a planning diary/journal too which is perfect, especially for planning blog posts..!

So a 52 week journal, a whole year, perfect! Normally journals are rather bulky and something that would stay at home, but this can easily fit in your bag which makes it a lot more accessible and I have found myself using it a lot more, as a pose to any other journal I’ve had in the past, because I can easily have it with me and jot things down on the go.


As you can see on the page above on the first few pages you are asked a couple of questions, ‘what healthy means to me’ ‘where I am’ & ‘where I want to be’. I personally love this feature as it makes it very personal, and it’s also something you can check back on every now and then throughout the year to check goals you have made! There is also a little bit of free space on the page, which I took up to put my favourite quote ‘don’t worry bee happy’, again gives you something to keep looking back on. (my handwriting is awful, and I was never great at art, it’s a flower..).


Each week of the journal is set out this the picture above, so you fill in the desired date (also a bonus if you wanted to start later in the year), and you have a box where you can write what you desire. If you look to your right (I feel like a tour guide..) you will see little pictures, now there is various different ones, which you can write next too and check off how you’ve done on that day corresponding to the images. Amazing feature especially if you’re not much of a journal writer, you can quickly jot down, 1 hour next to exercise, 5 next to veggies and 8 hours sleep.

I enjoy the side feature a lot because you can look at the end of each week what you did best on and see where you could improve. Personally my favourites are; mind, social, sleep, mood, and h20. So each week, I’ll see overall how much I’ve drank and what my mood has been like, hopefully all smiley faces!

Throughout the book you get a few quotes, that really do inspire you, which are fabulous when you need that little pick me up mid way through the year, plus there is a lot of blank pages that you could write your own quotes on!


One last brill feature is the quarterly review, so when 3 moths have past, you get the questions again ‘where I am’ & ‘where I want to be’, literally ideal because this keeps you on track and means that you can reflect on anything you’ve achieved and even add in new goals for yourself.

Here’s some little pictures of the place I photographed the journal hehe.. (I went twice, hence the sunset).

Now I’ve been testing this journal out properly now since Monday (the 1st), and I must say I do love it and will be using it this whole year, whether that’s as a diary or just filling in the pictures some weeks.

Another fab thing is that if you hop over to their site you can print of a little sample and see what you think before you buy?! FAB! –

Love yas x



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