garnier sheet masks

I absolutely love sheet masks, and if you haven’t tried one yet you absolutely need to, they are so easy and great if you’re feeling lazy but still want to treat your skin.

Garnier for me do the best sheet masks, they have something for everyone, no matter what skin type, I have tried pretty much all of them now, and absolutely have fallen in love with what they do for my skin.

Instant hydration is exactly what I get from these, which is ideal seen as I have such dry skin. Works amazing for the wintery, and cold weather at the moment too, gives your skin that ideal pick me up that it probably needs (unless your blessed from the skin gods).

Also these Garnier masks actually fit well on your face, I have tried a couple other sheet masks from other brands, and they just didn’t fit right, and ended up feeling so uncomfortable on the face.

I managed to get my hands on the brand new Garnier black charcoal sheet mask, and instantly it has became my favourite one EVER. It has just released and you can buy it >here<!


As you can see this mask also tightens pores, and has hyaluronic acid in it, which by now we all know is amaziiiing, and what we need in every bit of skincare. Again as the whole range of Garnier sheet masks, I got so much hydration from this!

have a lil read about the whole ranger here;

these are two link to my other favs in the collection; AND

Love yas x


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