Zara corduroy culottes

I can literally make a blog post about anything, and know that I will babble on about whatever it is. So this time, my new culottes, honestly I am obsessed with these, and I need to tell everyone!

I had been lusting over these culottes ever since I spotted them on the Zara website, but I held of buying them, and I ended up grabbing them in the January sales for an utterly fab price.

I love wearing culottes, they are a great alternative form wearing jeans. Plus they are so bloody comfortable, you feel so free, as a pose to wearing skinny jeans. I know how much wear I am going to get out of these.

zara x.jpg

I am utterly obsessed with the zip detailing, it just gives them a little extra touch. They are a corduroy material, but they aren’t heavy feeling, you know? I paired them with the purple jumper, which I think goes absolutely perfect with the burnt orangey colour! They are so autumnal (fav season), but I am sure I can still make them work any time of year.

Have a lil look at them >here<, they are currently out of stock, but keep checking!!

Love yas x


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