The absolutely lovely team over at BSQ sent me over there products a month or so ago now and I have been trying and testing them out, ready to write this review, spoiler alert.. I LOVE THEM.

A teeny bit about the brand BSQ first, so they are a UK based company, which sell beauty accessories! They are also cruelty free, which is amazing. Also very very affordable, and I think very innovative.


So first of all we have the 25pk of brush cleansing wipes, amazing, I have found these perfect for spot cleaning my brushes, so if I use a dark colour I can quickly wipe is straight of after I’ve finished using it. Ideal for someone who doesn’t wash there brushes all of the time (even though I should). These mean no hassle, and they are so effective with removing anything from the brush, whatever the product or colour. Defiantly pick a packet up if you’re lazy at brush cleaning like me!

Next we have the solid brush cleaner, now again this is perfect for easy brush cleaning, it is a lot more thorough, but all you have to do is splash a little water on your brush and swirl it here literally for about 15 seconds, rinse it again and it is CLEAN!! So amazing, I am obsessed. Also it smells incredible, and is made with coconut oil, which conditions the bristles, perfect, as it’ll defiantly help our brushes last a lot longer. I would recommend this so much if you find it so long washing your brushes with baby shampoo (like is used to).

Finally we have the 3D silicone blending sponge!? I love using a beauty sponge to apply my foundation I find it so much easier than a brush, but they do get very clogged and messy with product. Now when silicone blenders where released I bought one, you know the flat ones? I really was not a fan, but this!! This is the same shape as a beauty blender, so it literally works like a dream!! No product gets stuck on it, it’s the right shape, and it doesn’t soak up excess product (so no waste), just everything about it is right! Plus it’s glittery inside.. You need to try it, you will not be disappointed..

Another huuuge thank you to the team at BSQ for sending me your gorg products, can’t wait to see what you come out with in the future!

Love yas x


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