bag haul!

Oh my gosh, I love a bag, especially a vintage bag, my favourite place to look for these is defiantly charity shops, they always have the ‘one offs’ and that makes me want them more. I have quite the collection, and I’m not ashamed, they are an investment, or so I tell myself that..

Recently a little charity shop near me was closing down, so everything in the shop went down to either £1, or 50p. I mean for that price I had to clear the shop of bags, and I so did, I bought 6..

I thought I would share pictures of them, because I know I love bags, and I’m sure someone else out there does too, so here you go.. scroll down, have a look at my bargain bags!! WOO!


I bloody love this little gem, it’s probably my favourite out of alllll! Perfect for the summer, right!? price; £1


Again this is perfect for the summer time, reminds me of a beach bag, and the nicest colours!price; 50p


Bucket bags have became my new obsession, because you can throw everything in, so I had to add this to my collection! price; 50p


This is a cool dark green colour, defiantly more of a shopper bag, you know, not for everyday, but I thought it had a huge vintage touch. price; 50p


This is tiny, not for everyday, especially because I carry everything, but a gorgeous pop of colour to an outfit, even for a special occasion. price; 50p


I adore the colour of this bag, it goes so nice with jeans, and you can surprisingly fit a lot in it, again a gorg vintage look! price; 50p

EEE, aren’t they all fabulous! I am obsessed, and I can’t wait to pair them with different outfits! I hope this encourages you to pop into the charity shop too, there’s literally no point spending a fortune when you can get all these beauties for under £10!

Love yas x

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