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I was so excited to be contacted by the lovely Norresa, over at Elegant Touch, who sent me not one but two pairs of the gorgeous new collection, and I have to say I am honestly in love!

I don’t often wear false nails, mainly because I always think they’ll never look right, mainly because I have no nail skills, but I have found with these Elegant Touch nails, they are so easy to use, (if I can make them look decent, anyone can) and they feel and look very expensive.

I’m sure you’ll have heard of the brand Elegant Touch, but if not then where have you been!? They have such a huge range of false nails, in every colour and design you could dream off, they are super affordable too! They are sold in your local Boots & Superdrug, in store and online, but they also have a wide variety of other stockists which you can look at >here<!

So let’s look at their beautiful shiny new nails! So within the Nocturnal Dreams range, there is four designs, I’m going to show you the two that I received. I just also love the theme, I am defiantly a nocturnal person (more active at night), and I love anything to do with the sky, and stars, and the moon, so they are right up my street.




!midnight blues!

When I first looked at the pictures, these ‘midnight blues’ nails caught my eye, they are coffin shape, with a chameleon affect, so they shine blue, green and purple. But they are very much what you’d imagine outer space to look like? right? maybe that’s just me.., or some galaxy far away, I wish they were what the sky looked like at night. These are such a lovely colour, very statement! Buy them >here<!


!moon struck!

Then the other set that caught my eye were ‘moon struck’, I absolutely love silver, these are a lot more wearable too for everyday, as they are smaller, and a rounded shape. These defiantly remind me of stars, or the moon (duuuuh sarah) as the name suggests. Buy them >here<!

open pic

moon struck, box open!

So inside of each pack of Elegant Touch nails you get 24 nails, which is fab! The glue, which works very well! A little guide which helps you out, especially if it’s your first time applying nails. Then you get a mini (I LOVE MINIS) nails file, so you can change the shape if you fancy!


midnight blues nails on, woo

As you can see in the picture I just had to try the midnight blues nail on, and as I expected I am absolutely in love! Look at the colours in them!? WOW. I am so exited to try more nails from Elegant Touch in the future.

ALSO! be quick if you want these, I defiantly am going to stock up, as these nails are limited edition! & don’t forget to check out the other two sets in the collection, which are both stiletto nails! ‘twilight dreams’ (light pink with accent gems) & ‘darkest hour’ (black with silver shimmer’.

Have a look over at the Elegant Touch website >here<!

Of course a huuuuge thank you for sending me these over, I am beyond grateful, and It feels so bloody surreal, little old me receiving new products to test out (pinch me, is this real?!)

Love yas x

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