sunshine face scrubbies

I am going to keep this post short & sweet, mainly because my laptop keeps going of & unsaving my work! (greatttt).

I am working with the lovely Brittany who made me some bespoke face scrubbies, I have been so into my skincare since I’ve got these, because they add that little bit of sunshine I needed in my faffy skincare routine.

You’re probably like ‘what the hell is face scrubbie?’ well, I’ll tell you, basically it’s an alternative to a cotton pad, which I got so sick of repurchasing, plus these are of course better for than environment because you are re using them, just by washing them after use in the washing machine woo woo!

But my absolute favourite thing about these is the colour! They are amazing, right up my street, they just scream ‘happy’ to me!

I would recommend these especially if you’re looking to be a little more environmently friendly, or even looking to save some money!

Buy the scrubbies>here<!


Check out Brittany’s Insatgram>here<!

Love yas x


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