Have you heard of biodegradable glitters? I hadn’t until.. the lovely people from glitterlution sent me a few to try out. I am very much a fan of using glitter when it comes to makeup, because it defintly makes the eyes pop.

So let’s have a little chat about glitterlution, so they sell a massive range of 77 glitters, they are a British company, and they sell anything from a chunky to a fine glitter. The glitter is also safe for eyes & face! I am always wary when it comes to using glitter around my eyes but I fully trust these!

So biogderagble? First basically they are plant derived and made from renewable sources, which of course means they are a lot better for the environment, it’s non toxic to marine life, nature and humans! Also vegan friendly! Any information you need about the glitters being biogderagble you can find >here<!



So I got sent 6 of the glitters, and I am obsessed with the colours, so I thought I would swatch them all for you! Shop the whole collection of gorgeous glitters >here<!


swatched on my mam’s arm,i am notttt that tanned hahah!

These are gorgeous, they vary as you can see in the swatches from being more fine, to chunky! Personally I love these three shades, defiantly something I could fit easily into my everyday makeup!

I am defiantly going to have to pick up some different coloured shades as well, I feel I need a bright yellow? that could be fun, right? I also really fancy a black glitter, I think it would look so amazing! (*bank balance cries*).

Thank you so so much to the lovely team at glitterlution for sending me these over, you guys are fab & I am obsessed! Check out their Instagram >here<!

Love yas x




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