box me beautiful; treat yourself box!

Let me tell you about this amazing beauty box service, now the thing that drew me to this box in general was the diversity, perfect for everyone, even for olive, Asian and darker skin tones, but everything still works for pasty ghostly Sarah. It’s important that everyone feels included in the beauty industry, and this box makes sure no one feels left out. So each month box me beautiful create limited edition boxes full of well know beauty, hair and body products.

So this month was the treat yourself box, I mean the name in it’s self is something I live by, so I knew it was perfect for me. I absolutely love everything in this box, and I’m excited to share it all with you! WOO!

Sleek- gel blush, shade- hullabaloo; I love a crème blusher, especially when it comes to spring & summer, it looks so natural on the cheeks, and gives the perfect wash of colour. It is a very bright shade, but it can easily be toned down by just using a small amount. Sleek is a massively well known brand, defiantly something great to find in a beauty box!

Eyeko- black magic mascara; I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand Eyeko, if not.. where have you been? This mascara is one of my favourites, I already have one in my collection, so it’s great to have a spare! It really works well to curl my lashes, and add the definition i need. Also amazing for bottom lashes I find.

Sleek- kajal eyeliner, shade- odyssey; Sleek again, woo woo. We have a kajal eyeliner now, which is something I’ve never tried, but it’s basically made of natural ingredients, mainly waxes & powders. It can be used as an eyeliner, or smudged all of the eye as a shadow, now this is the most gorgeous dark purple shade, and I think for me I’ll probably use it to pop all over the lid, super easy for a quick makeup look!

Sacha- intense lipstick, shade- ex in the city; I enjoy the name pun, plus this is a RED lipstick, hallelujah! I’ve never heard of the brand Sacha, but it’s one of the best things about a beauty box, finding brand you’ve never heard of. I couldn’t be more excited that it’s a red, as you know my favourite lipstick colour, it’s such a bright red, again perfect for spring & summer, from transitioning from my dark reds!

L’Oréal- infallible lip liner, shade- 700 sheer fidelity; We have a lip liner now, L’Oréal is probably one of my favourite brands from the high street so another great addition to this box. This liner is basically clear, you line your lips (obviously sarah it’s a lip liner) with this first, and it acts a barrier to stop the lipstick going out of you desired shape. Personally i think this great, because you don’t have to rummage looking for your matching liner, just use this for every colour!

Lakshmi’s cupboard- shampoo & conditioner bar; This bar totally reminds me of lush! I think it’s great to get a shampoo & conditioner bar because it’s defiantly something I wouldn’t normally think of buying, it’s a little treat for my hair. I haven’t used it yet, but it smells amazing, and feels very moisturising, it has shea butter in which we know is ideal, don’t we?

Ancient Wisdom- base oil- sweet almond; So we have an oil, which is again something I wouldn’t buy but I’m excited by it. This oil is versatile and can basically be used for your skin or hair! Fab my hair defiantly needs treating to some oil. You can mix it with other oils you may already have, or you can use it as an essential burning oil, many many uses!

All in all I’ll use everything from this box, I think it’s a great mixture of things, and a perfect thing to treat yourself too, just to mainly discover some new favourite products, and to treat yourself (hehe). I can’t wait to try some more boxes in the future!

Thank you to the box me beautiful team for sending me over this box to review! Have a look at there website >here<!

You can order a box >here<! exciting news, you can get 10% of with the code sarah10. YAY!

Love yas x

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