mask time; be mine box!

It’s my third day stuck in the house because of the snow, so what better time to grab my laptop and write a little post.

Face masks are utterly my favourite part of skincare, and I swear they’ve solved many the life problem, they just make me happy and my skin soft, what more could I need. I got chatting to the people at Mask Time, and they sent me there beautiful valentines be mine box, woo! It is a little past valentines day, but is love just for that one day? NO.

Let me chat to you a little about Mask Time, basically they are a monthly subscription box, which include sheet masks, plus little bonus samples inside, all Korean! Now personally I couldn’t think of a better subscription box to get, it’s so handy because it allows you to try out things you wouldn’t normally try! Read a little more about how it all started >here<!

EE let’s have a look inside the box, how exciting!


look how pretty this box is when you open it, SO CUTE! i also got a little sample of a face cleanser, woo!


and here we have the inside of the box, how beautiful is everything!!

So now let’s go through each mask that is included inside the box!

lip mask

ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Lips Patch- Price; £3.50

I mean I can’t say I even knew that lip masks existed, but it makes sense? Especially in the winter, our lips easily get dry/chapped, so we need to make sure we pamper them, and what better way than with a cherry mask! This claims to deeply moisturise and nourish the lips, leaving them a little plump too.

wedding dress mask

MERBLISS Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Nude Seal Mask- Price; £4.00

Intense hydration sound right up my street, and exactly what I’d be looking for from a mask. This is targeted for people who have dehydrate and dull skin (ME). And it has caviar and pearl extracts in it, sorry WHAT, how fancy.

pink mud

IT’S SKIN Color Solution Pink Mud Mask- Price; £5.00

A mud sheet mask, again something I have never heard of it, this is exactly why I love subscription boxes, you get things you would never normally buy. So this mask claims to give the skin a boost, whilst clearing clogged pores and clearing out blackheads, and reducing acne. So this sounds like the one to try if you struggle with spots.

pink milk

DUFT & DOFT Pink Milk Mask- Price; £4.50

Milk extracts are inside this mask, as you probably got from the name, which brighten dull skin and bring back a health glow, AHMEN that is what I need, my skin is look dead at the moment. I love anything that is going to give me a luminous glow, so I can be a walking little sunshine.


DEARPACKER JEJU FLOWER Cherry Blossom Mask- Price; £3.50

We have a little cherry scent again, this would probably be perfect to do at the same time as the lip mask. So again from this mask we are going to be brightened and left with a luminous glow. But also it’s going to soften our skin at the same time, what a dream!

Now all of these sound amazing right?!

I can’t wait to get trying some and see if they do wonders to my skin, I just love discovering new favourites, and I have a feeling I will within this box!

Have a little look over at the Mask Time website, where you can subscribe and have a little look at everything they sell >here<! & also purchase the be mine box (the one I’ve shown) >here<!

A huuuge thank you for Mask Time for sending me this box, I love it, and I can’t wait to discover more face mask faves in the future!

Love yas x

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