Over the past 3 years I have found myself falling in love with photography, capturing any moments I could ~mostly on my phone at the time~, I love the idea that you can take a picture and essentially that moment is frozen in time, I must say I am very sentimental and love looking back on memories, so that’s probably why I got into it so much.

I’ve always been more into scenry potogrpahy, including nature, I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love trees ~lol~, and especailly bees, anything to do with the outdoors really and I’m there with my camera or phone. Of course I take photos of ~some~ food, and since I’m a blogger beauty items, and outfits are along with things I enjoy photographing now.

I switch between using my trusty phone camera, to my little Sony cyber shot, to my very recent and most loved possession which is my Sony A5000. I using all of these for different things, and I do still want to expand my camera collection!

The next camera purchase I am lusting over ~and I will get someday~ is a Go Pro it’s  always been something I’ve been so curious to try, for a lot of different reasons, they are teeny tiny, which is ideal for on the go shots other than carrying around a big camera, but even though the size they don’t lack in quality! Also the fact that they are waterproof is a massive pro ~hehe it’s in the name~ to me, because none of the things I use are waterproof and that gives me a fear of evening shooting pictures in the rain. But also imagine going somewhere like the Caribbean or Iceland ~could I have chose further polar opposites..~ and shooting whilst in the sea, or the blue lagoon, AMAZING.

Of course whenever buying a new piece of technology you want the best deal possible, so I’ve stumbled across the best place to make sure I and you get the best price! You basically type what you’re looking for into the site, and it comes up with allll the different Go Pro’s for example, and where the cheapest place to get them is, it’s so simple to use! Have a little look at the Go Pro deals I found ~here~!

If any of you have any of you tried a Go Pro before? Let me know, I’d love to hear how you got along with it & see any pictures you’ve shot!

Love yas x



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