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Here I am involved in another blog tour, a very exciting one may I add, this is for the debut novel by Louisa de Lange, called The Dream Wife, so let’s get into it!


Annie is the dream wife. Supportive, respectful, admiring – everything her husband wants her to be. And nothing at all like who she really is . . .

Annie is a prisoner in her own life. Her finances, her routine and her contact with the outside world are all controlled. Annie’s only reason for holding it together is her little boy. Her time with him keeps her sane, and at night she escapes into a dream world where the two of them are free.

But Annie is about to do a very bad thing.

And you won’t believe how she is going to do it…

My Thoughts 

I must say I am already very excited to see what other amazing books Louisa is going to produce, because this was utterly incredible. I’m not normally a reader of thrillers but I could not put this book down at all, I had to keep reading, with all the twists and turns unfolding before me. The two main characters Annie and David, you very quickly begin to despise David as you find is very controlling and his mother is all for him and on his side, which makes everything worse for Annie herself. All I can say is READ IT, to find out what happens with there story I can’t possibly spoil it.


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Louisa de Lange lives in Hampshire with her son and husband. She started out by studying psychology, then moved onto working in HR. She always had dreamed of being a writer, and here she now working as a copywriter, proof reader and editor, also now with her very own debut novel, published by Orion. Find her on Twitter @paperclipgirl.



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