moving your stuff with ‘themanvan’

So today I bring to you a blog post all about moving, whether that’s moving house/flat, or even just moving offices, you can be stuck wondering how to get all your stuff safely to the new location.

Of course if you’re like me and have a lot of stuff wherever you are then you’ll be in a little bit of a pickle with how to move your stuff around, it’s hardly going to fit all in the car if it’s the contents of your whole house, unless you have a bus.. So then you’re stuck wondering what removal service you’re going to use, with hundreds out there all at different prices it can become a little overwhelming and totally add to the stress and confusion of moving, trying to quotes for prices while packing everything up.

Another important thing with moving is you want all of your stuff to arrive to the location safe of course, no matter what it is your moving your obviously taking it for a reason, or you would have binned it, so it needs to be moved with care and caution, with someone trustworthy so your possessions are kept safe.


I wanted to share with you a removal service that I’ve recently came across that is perfect for anyone needing a man with a van! So The Man Van provide fab removal services both in and around London and they’ll also travel the whole of the UK and even Europe, whatever your moving whether it be a house, a flat, or an office, they can be there to help you out.

They offer the cheapest prices, which is great as moving can be costly enough! You can get a free quote via the website ~here~ or you can give them a call over at ; 020 3773 9113. Prices start at £20 per hour which is an utter steal, especially with the level of service! The best part is they have an 100% guarantee of safe delivery, so they’ll be keeping all your precious bits and bobs very safe on the journey. They are also available all days of the week so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re moving on a weekend, they’ll still be available to help you out. They have perfect reviews too which you can read on the website, 5/5 stars from previous customers!

So if you’re moving soon and need cheap domestic removal to help you get your possessions from A to B then have defiantly check these guys out!



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