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Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can’t deny you love a freebie, you just can’t. Especially if you’re British, free pen, free sample, free perfume spritz, we’ll take it! So you need to know about this website where you can get free samples in the UK!

logoWell, let me tell you about a website that I’ve been using for a while, called Gratisfaction, it’s a site that basically links all of the freebies at the moment, that you wouldn’t generally find online, in one place. But they’re not like freebies were you have to fill about 10 forms, and sign everything away, just simple, easy, real freebies.

A few of the things I’ve got from Gratisfaction are, perfume samples { which are always handy to try before you buy, and also handy if you can’t make it to the shops }. I’ve had chocolate, yes from Cadbury’s.. the best! Advent calendars, little beauty product samples, such as the la mer cream { which is bloody expensive }.

At the moment some of things they’ve found for us to get for free are, mini eggs, a Febreze candle, deodorant, Olay cream, a blue planet book, and lots more, you can have a little look for yourself. They’re all categorised too, so you can look at what exactly you’re interested in, eg. cooking, gadgets, health and fitness, travel.

I signed myself up to there emails a little while ago, so you don’t have to be checking the site 24/7, they simply send you a quick email when there’s something new you might like to get your hands on. { they also share some fab vouchers too, which are always great to grab whilst they’re there }.

Go on, go and have a look, I know you’ll love a freebie just as much as me, { }, remember to sign up to them emails too, makes it so much easier for ya.

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  1. April 10, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    This sounds like a site I need to visit!x

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