nobody’s wife ; laura pearson {book review}

AAAH I have been dying to chat about this book, spoiler alert, it’s bloody amazing, I spotted it a few times in the hands of people I follow on Instagram, and had a little google, and decided that I needed to grab it.

I contacted Agora books, and got chatting to Peyton, who sent me a copy before the release on the 28th of March. I read it almost instantly, dragging it over a four days, so I could savour it. But god it was hard to do so, I couldn’t put it down, it had my hooked, I needed to know what was going to happen.


‘Of the four of them, only three remained. And there was no going backwards from there.’ 

Emily and Josephine have always shared everything. They’re sisters, flatmates, and best friends. It’s the two of them against the world.

When Emily has the perfect wedding, and Josephine finds the perfect man, they know things will change forever. But nothing can prepare them for what, or who, one of them is willing to give up for love.

Four people. Three couples. Two sisters. One unforgivable betrayal. 


how gorgeous is the cover too!! AH!


look at this gorg bag, and lil badge, and door sign i got gifted too from agora books!

My Thoughts

So my rating for this book is pretty easily 5/5 stars, bloody great!

Ah, where do I begin. There’s four main characters in the book, Emily, Josephine, Michael, and Jack, you get to know them so well, due to the great descriptions of them all, there is a few more little characters popping in and out, but not too many where you get all confused who’s who.

There is a few great themes explored such as marriage, sisterhood, writing, friendship, betrayal, relationships, family.. It’s great to follow a strong sister relationship, and see how it changes throughout the betrayal, there’s

It’s such a gripping book, with pretty short chapters, which I personally enjoy, as it keeps the story going at a good pace. The ending also left me with so many questions, which I like, because I can imagine how things end up, gets my brain working,

I’m not going to spoil it, and let you know what happens. But I’ll tell you what it reminded me of, Doctor Foster, the TV show, {I’m sure you’ve all heard of}, where they sit around the dinner table, and {Surrane Jones} spills what’s been happening between her husband and the other families daughter, so tense, and bloody great viewing, or in this case reading.

Nobody’s Wife is the first book I have read by Laura, although she does have another out called Missing Pieces, which has some fab reviews, I’m defiantly going to be picking it up. I also can’t wait to see what Laura writes next.

About the Author

Laura Pearson has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester. She spent a decade living in London and working as a copy writer and editor for QVC, Expeida, Net a Porter, EE, and The Ministry of Justice. Now, she lives in Leicestershire, where she writes novels, blogs about her experience of breast cancer {}, runs The Motherload Book Club, and tries to work out how to raise her two children.


photograph of Laura Pearson!

If you fancy purchasing the book {which you should..} then grab a copy ~here~!

Thank you so much to Agora books for sending me this advanced copy to review!

x S


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