Getting in the Mood for Reading!

Most book bloggers are natural bookworms, who can often be found in a quiet corner, nose stuck firmly in a novel. However, sometimes normal life can get in the way of a good reading session. Families require feeding, the house needs cleaning, and there’s work to do each day too!

If you’re struggling to get in the mood for reading, here are some useful tips.

Ready to read? Let’s go!

Remember how beneficial it is. Reading isn’t just a pleasure, it’s also really good for you. It can boost your emotional intelligence, provide valuable ‘you time’ and some experts say it can even delay the onset of dementia. That’s a lot of great reasons to read, right there!

• There’s nothing like that sense of anticipation. Few things can deliver that gleeful sense of ‘what happens next’ like a good book. It’s a delicious feeling; that knowledge that you just have to know what’s going to occur, even if it’s already long past midnight. If you’re finding it difficult to get back into reading, choose a book that you’re likely to enjoy. Reading a great book makes it that much easier to pick up another one after you’ve finished.

• Make it ‘relaxation time’. Teach yourself to associate reading with relaxation. Get a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate, cosy up on the sofa, and reduce all distractions. Soon, it’ll become a bit of a Pavlov’s dog reaction; every time you pick up a book, you’ll associate it with those positive emotions. It’s a great way to reduce anxiety levels too.

• Join a book club. This is an excellent way to embrace reading again, while also making new friends. You should be able to find details of local book clubs quite easily online; or alternatively, you could set one up with your friends. There are also hundreds of good book clubs online, not to mention loads of book communities on sites like Goodreads.

• See it as a treat. There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to something. Whether it’s a new top, a bottle of your favourite perfume (or the ‘inspired by’ versions at Copycat Fragrances), or simply a bar of chocolate from the local shop, it’s guaranteed to lift the spirits. See purchasing a book as the same sort of treat. Linger in the bookshop, taking time to read the blurbs on the novels. Then buy a book that sounds like your sort of thing. Because it’s a treat, you’re that much more likely to relish it.

• Get in the habit. Set aside some time each day that’s reserved for reading. Some people like to spend 10 minutes with a book before they get out of bed. Others like to chill out in the bath with a good novel. Find the time that works best for you, then stick to it as often as possible.

• Listen to audiobooks. If you struggle with reading printed books, have a go with audiobooks instead. Some people love being read to, and there’s certainly something really calming about lying on the bed, listening to a story.

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