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the silver moon story book ; by Elaine Gunn! {book review}

Ahh, don’t you just love fairy tales, they’re something you treasure forever {still have the books from when I was young}. Well I’ve been lucky enough to be a gifted a gorgeous new *ahem* FEMINIST story book {that yes I’ll it treasure forever} and I wanna tell you all about it.

Now with general fairy tales, from what I can think, it was always women who had  a hardship and needed to await a man to come and ‘save’ them, gets a little tedious at times, because hey us women can manage ourselves. Elaine has written these fairy tales feminist style, and the women have strength {we can manage thanks price charming..} and they were so refreshing to read, and I feel in ways relatable {well as much as possible for a fairy tale}.

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So there is seven stories in total, and I honestly loved them all, you get to learn about the charters in depth and there is a lot I got from each story, I guess everyone interprets things in different ways, but this is what my brain plucked from each one.

  1. From the first one named ‘The Little Witch‘ I got the message that you can be loved when you don’t feel like you can be, also that knowing not to raise your hand to women or anyone for that matter is a important thing to remember.
  2. The second one ‘The Weaver‘ it showed that men deemed as ‘powerful’ and ‘in control’ don’t always win, also the woman got through her fear and became friends with it. YOU GO GIRL.
  3. The Enormous Clown‘ this story very nicely linked back to the first one, it showed that even when people don’t believe in what you want to do, ie. the dad in this case, you can still go and do what you set out to and succeed, just need to believe in yourself. Also that it’s okay for boys to cry and show emotion, which is a very important message these days.
  4. The Changeling‘ showed a mother love and strength when her boy got taken {he was returned} and how he began to resent all women, it was sister that saved him from it when he was sad, lost and lonely, raised talking about periods a little too.
  5. The Unicorn‘ oh it showed a lot of resilience, not giving up if you believe something isn’t right, and never giving up. It oozed girl power which a strong sister bond. Also a very caring to animals side, and helping others.
  6. The Strong Man‘ was about a bully who would pick on the ‘ugly’ {I say that loosely, no ones ugly, beauty in everything n everyone}, and he would single them out in front of everyone. But the little gnome stood up to the bully, and married the bearded lady, whom never thought anyone would love her.
  7. The final one ‘The Sea Queen‘ really portrayed abuse as a child, the women had forgotten as she got older, and resulted in anger to those around her, as she resented other people, but hey she became happier again. {BRILLIANT}!

Phew, that was a lot of explaining, I thought it would be nice to point out how amazing this book is and that you NEED to purchase it, due to the messages it gets across, the stories are so captivating and I didn’t want it to end {i need a second volume..}. Read it yourself, or children, teenagers, grandmas, grandads, EVERYONE! These stories will leave you believing in real life magic, with a touch of sparkle left in your heart, with the realistic spin, not left deflated after yet another man saves everyone..

A quick note on how beautiful the book itself, a hardback blue cover, with gorgeous silver writing and drawings on the front. It’s been illustrated by Megan MacPhie, and the drawing throughout are utterly beautiful, and guess what?! you can colour them in if you so wish ~ which helps out anxiety a little, I can’t actually express how fabulous this book is. One last thing {i can’t stop raving about it}, at the very back there is a ‘notes’ section, with lines, now how good would this be to do your own little story!? genius.


About Elaine

She is a mum of three boys 8, 7 and 5, a big feminist and trying to learn as much as she can about inclusivity. Also a holistic therapist, seeing clients for Reiki or Dr Hauschka therapy as part of a portfolio career. This is her first book, and she’s pretty much learning the whole process as she goes. 

I took a little extract from Elaine’s website in which explains how she came about to write this book..  {you can read the rest ~here~!

‘ I was recently asked by a bloke on the internet “what is a pro-woman fairy tale?”..

I wanted to give children and young adults (and maybe even their parents) something to read that was a bit more thoughtful than the mainstream, with more modern values. And to give you the full and final answer I sent my fabulously informative internet pal, pro-woman to me simply means that my women are not reduced to a one-dimensional role in relation to how desirable (or otherwise) they are to men. It also means that many of my male characters are strong enough to overcome limiting and damaging patriarchal values. In that respect, Hans Christian Andersen was light years ahead of the modern retellings of his work, and I am an awful lot more inspired by his angle on it all.’

Elaine’s Twitter ; Purchase The Silver Moon Story Book Here ; Elaine’s Website !

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blog tour ; the chestnut man ~ soren sveistrup

I was so excited when Jenny from Penguin got in touch with me and wanted to send a copy of this book my way, it sounded amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get my head into it and start reading!

So The Chestnut Man is the debut novel from Soren Sveistrup who is the creator and writer of the TV show The Killing. This book comes out on the 10th January 2019.

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here we have a full list of the bloggers involved in the book tour!


In a playground just outside Copenhagen a woman is found dead with one hand cut off. A small chestnut figure hangs over her. Naia Thulin and Mark Hess are sent to investigate but they soon discover another woman has been brutally murdered. This time both her hands have been cut off. And the chestnut figure is back. Thulin and Hess soon suspect that these murdered women are connected to the missing daughter of Rosa Hartung, the Minister for Social Affairs, and work against the clock to stop the killer from striking again.

About the Author

Soren Sveistrup is an internationally acclaimed scriptwriter of the Danish television phenomenon The Killing which won various international awards and solo in more than a hundred countries. More recently, Sveistrup wrote the screenplay for Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman. Sveistrup obtained a master in Literature and in History from the University of Copenhagen and studied at the Danish Film School. He has won countless prizes, including an Emmy for Nikolaj and Julie and a BAFTA for The Killing.

My Thoughts

★★★★ ★ ~ 5/5

I absolutely loved this book, it’s a thriller/mystery, that had me gripped from the start, I couldn’t put it down. When I first saw it I thought it might be a bit long, and dragged due to the amount of pages, but I was SO wrong, it moved very fast, and was a delight to read. It kept you guessing all the way through, which I love with mystery’s.. too many can be predictable. It is very intense and gory, I defiantly didn’t read it at night let me tell you that. But the story line is just amazing, and if you love a thriller you need to pick this up in the new year.

A huge thanks to Penguin & Soren (for writing this!!!) for sending me this copy to review, and allowing me to be part of this book tour, and read this amazing book early, eep!

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statement made jewellery

Jewellery is always great to jazz up an outfit, you to add a little more detail, I feel bare without it, almost naked, you know. I have a few bits and bobs, {mainly bee related things..} but I’m always expanding my collection, so I have a piece for whatever my mood / outfit. When it comes to jewellery shopping I sometimes never know where to look, unless I have my eye on one particular piece. But recently I’ve come across a site full of gorgeous pieces that I thought I’d share with you.

Statement Made Jewellery is the website I’m chatting about they have a huuuge selection of jewellery ranging from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! Also they do personalised engraved jewellery where you can get a hand written message engraved onto a piece {HOW SENTIMENTAL}. They’re whole message is that they want people to be expressive with wearing the jewellery, so rocking something that means a lot to the individual! They also pride on being handmade, which again makes a piece so much more thoughtful.

They were kind enough to surprise me with a lovely little necklace from their website, how exciting?! They sent me a gorgeous silver piece, I tend to only wear silver as it’s not as harsh. There is two charms on the chain, one being a little ‘s’, I mean anything personalised is always a win, makes it so sentimental. The second charm is a little Buddha head, which is lucky right? We all need luck so I’m happy with that, haha! You can buy this Buddha necklace but with any initial ~here~!

So utterly obsessed with this necklace, I can’t stop wearing it, haha! Such a little cute piece to have in my collection, that I can pop on with an outfit to jazz up the neck area. It is such good quality even though it’s super inexpensive, which is amazing! Means you can get more right?!.. We’ve got to treat ourselves {lol}. Have a lil look at the rest of the necklaces ~here~!

They have so many bits and bobs on the website, something for everyone in your life, plus they’re very affordable, great to grab bits for Christmas time, I’m defiantly going to be having a look and picking something for family members! Ooooo they also do FREE UK shipping, halleluiah!!! Have a little browse of the website ~here~!

A massive thank you to the lovely team at Statement Made Jewellery for sending me this beaut necklace, I’ll treasure it forever!
*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

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how to take care of your skin in the winter

Now yeah, we should be looking after our skin allll year round, it’s not just for whatever season we fancy. But I defiantly put more effort into my routine in winter, mainly because I was blessed with dry skin {lucky me}, so if I don’t bother I end up looking like a walking, talking corpse {maybe exaggerated.. but you get my point}. So I thought I’d share with you, all the steps I go through to look after my skin in winter.

So before we get into facial skincare, I wanna start with body skincare, I mean no one wants dry legs and arms.. But before that we need to start with hair removal, so everything’s smooth, before we pop the lotions and potions on. So for the hair removal itself I’ve been loving using the Panasonic Epilator, it’s amazing, very easy to use and comes with 6 different heads, so you can choose which suits you best, or use them all. It has a flexible head too!? Amazing, means it can get around so easily. It leaves your skin so smooth, as compared to using an ordinary razor. So yes the wet and dry Panasonic epilator is fabulous!

So after using the epilator, after any hair you fancy has been removed, then I use a body scrub, I mean for me any does, but you can’t beat the smell of the Soap and Glory sugar crush one, it’s a citrusy dream {I just end up sniffing it all time, hahah}. After that I pop a body lotion on, with a body lotion I use something thicker, something that’s going to hydrate my skin, also a bit glowy too {not glitter}, just a healthy glow, you know. Oooh while we chat about body skincare, I guess hands count right? I love hand creams, I carry one at all times in winter to keep my hands hydrated and super soft!


God, I love a face mask, so that’s best place to start with the skincare, they are just theee best for helping make your skin soft, and giving you a little life, and glow. In the winter I’m very much partial to mainly using the self heating variety {what better when your freezing than heating your face up..}, I love the chocolate orange on from Superdrug, festive you see!

The other skincare bits I use is defiantly a moisturiser, but a thick one, I love the Garnier honey 3 in 1 moisturiser, it’s brill for hydrating my skin, and a saviour in the winter months. Of course eye cream to keep your eyes hydrated, don’t want dry eyes do I? No. One of my favouriteeeee products for winter is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, this stuff is incredible! I mainly use it for my lips, but you can whack it on any dry patches, it’s a literal saviour, if you have dry skin/lips, get it!

Overnight products are great too in the cooler months, because they keep your skin from drying overnight, and make you look fab in the morning. Overnight skincare is the best for when you’re feeling lazy, you just whack it on, and nod off! IDEAL!

So there we go, that’s my how I look after my skin tips during winter, of course I do general bits too like cleansing, taking my makeup off {lol}, but yeah! If you have any tips do leave me a little comment!

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let’s chat about go pros!

So as the title suggests I wanna have a little chat about Go Pros! We all know what they are right? If not they’re basically a mini camera that is basically to my knowledge bullet proof, you can use them under water {I even hate using my normal camera in the rain in fear of it breaking}, for any form of activities, or even day to day use! Plus due to the small size they’re great to carry around wherever you go!

Now they are mainly for videos of course, great for holidays etc, especially if you’re travelling light. But they do also take photos, which is ideal for someone like me that loves snapping any photo she can! It takes the faf out of carrying a camera around! Even though they are tiny the quality that they shoot is utterly amazing, and lives up to the same quality as a bigger camera.

In my search for a Go Pro I’ve been wondering where to find one, when buying something like a camera, you’ve always got to shop around haven’t ya, I want an utter bargain let’s be honest. Which means having about 20 tabs open on your laptop switching back and forth between prices ( ! talk about confusing ! ).

On my 21st tab opening I came across a wonderous website called Latest Deals, basically with this site you pop on it, and type in what you’re looking for so in my instance Go Pros, but it can be literally anything, even vouchers for food {YUM}!

Once you type in Go Pro it comes up with a huge list of all the Go Pros plus they’re prices that can be found online, so you can browse them all in one place?! AMAZING! You simply find the one you’re interested in and click ‘get deal’ and it takes you straight to the website where you can purchase the Go Pro straight away! Of course with it being called Latest Deals, it finds the cheapest prices!!! & the best deals possible for that product online. When I looked there where shops I’d not even heard of and wouldn’t have found myself, with utter bargains on them! If you’re also looking for a Go Pro head over to the Latest Deals website and have a lil browse for yourself ~here~!

If any of you have any of you tried a Go Pro before? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear how you got along with it & see any pictures you’ve shot!

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