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superdrug foot peeling socks!

Woo it’s summer, and sandal season, we’ve had a heatwave, and Superdrug have come out with some brand new products to keep our feet looking fab throughout the season! And one of those products is something very interesting, I’d heard a little bit about them, but never tried them before, it’s foot peeling socks / mask..

If you’ve not seen these before, you’ll be a little confused, let me explain! So they’re big clear socks basically, that you pop on from 60 – 90 minutes, whack them on your feet and have a relax, a chill. They have a liquid solution inside the sock which is formulated with a blend of AHA’s, and after using them the skin on your feet will gently peel away within 3 – 5 days (doesn’t hurt at all, rather satisfying pulling a layer of skin off), basically takes of allll the dry/dead skin (EW) of your feet and leaves you with probably the feet you were born with, only bigger in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes things like this are gimmicky, I know, but I’ve tried these, so has my mam, and honestly amazing! I mean I’m not going to insert foot pics lmao, but my feet have never felt to soft! It’s nice to treat your feet, they get you around everyday!

It’s not something you would have to do too often, just when you feel your feet need a little TLC! You can also buy nourishing foot masks, that include honey etc. which I have used after as a little follow up to keep the softness!

Overall I would so recommend picking this foot peel up from Superdrug, I’ve only ever seen foot peels on places like eBay, and they scare me, haha! So at least we know this is safe! Have a lil look at it ~here~!

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x

wellvivid mirror

Mirrors are pretty much an essential for everyone, not just makeup obsessed people like me, but this one I’m about to chat about is very amazing for getting your face on, it’s very quickly became the mirror I use daily, and something I don’t understand how I lived without.

First of all the mirror size is perfect for everyday, you can see everything and it’s a lot bigger than the previous mirror I used daily (which was the no7 light up mirror). Because it’s more of a rectangle shape you can see everything, and it makes it fab to do your hair in too!

Along with the main mirror, on the left hand side you had a 2x zoom mirror and a 3x zoom mirror, which are perfect for looking close up, I tend to use the for when I pluck my eyebrows (when I can be bothered to go through the pain of that haha!) Then on the right hand side of the main mirror you are blessed with a normal rectangle mirror, which is fab as you can see side views, and just adds of course MORE mirror space!

Even though there is a lot of mirror space the mirror itself is still compact, and it all folds back up (as you’ll see in the photos), which is so handy for storing, and also for travelling! It has a shelf you could say where you can pop whatever you want, ie. the makeup you’re using which is super handy!

As well as being a fab general mirror it LIGHTS UP, woo! Perfect when you’re doing your makeup as you can see your face super clearly. You can choose how bright you want it too which is brill, just be dimming it. To make it work you can either use batteries, or just plug into a plug via a usb / just your phone charger!


All in all I am truly obsessed with this mirror and don’t know how I did my makeup right without it!! ~haha~. 

Head over to the Well Vivid website ~here~ and have a lil read up about the mirror in there words! Also buy the Well Vivid mirror from Amazon through the link ~here~!

A massive thank you to the team at Wellvivid, they are so lovely, and I don’t think you could buy from a nicer couple! SO HELPFUL

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x