So I haven’t wrote a blog post in about 6 months, I just kind of fell out of touch with it and didn’t feel very inspired. But I’ve decided to take to my keyboard and start writing again, but with a little makeover. I don’t have a massive amount of friends, but I do like chatting about my love of things with people. I (hopefully) will have at least one person reading about my little rambles.

So I am still going to be doing makeup posts, but I thought I’d share some of my other loves and write posts on; clothes, shoes, bags, baking, days out! So I’m going to just start from now and write whenever I feel inspired and hopefully at least one person will enjoy reading.

I have my notepad already filled with a few pages of ideas, so that’s a good start in my eyes. I’m quite hungry whilst writing this and it’s such a rainy day so I think I’ll grab a cuppa tea, some biscuits and write my first post properly.

I’m definitely not the best with words and thank goodness for spell check, without that I’d probably look like I’d have wrote in a different language. My laptop is actually half broken at the moment, I’m sitting with a keyboard plugged into it, as I spilt Garnier miceller water over the laptop keyboard, smooooth move. But fab product!


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Day 9!

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