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As soon as I saw via Alex’s Instagram that she had a skincare collection coming out with Primark I yelped, how exciting?! The woman behind the Glamour Mag column that knows everything about skincare has a brand spanking new skincare range!? and.. It’s affordable!? *SCREAMS*. So of course I had to get my hands on some of the products, I had a little look and chose 7 items that I fancied trying, so here I have them, going to do a lil review and tell you my thoughts.

Within the range there is different categories which are; Sleep Spa, Pollution Solution, Pore Balance, Plump & Glow, Maximum Moisture. So there is literally something from anyone, also the prices are a huuuge plus for me as they range from £3 ~ £5! As I said there is lots of products, so have a lil look ~here~ to see the full range. Ooh also everything is fragrance free, which is fab as sometimes fragrances can be too intense. AMAZING thing also is that the whole range is vegan friendly & not tested on animals! WOO WOO! {also AMAZING ingredients within the skincare, but for a CHEAP price,yipeeee!!!}

Plump & Glow ; Serum-in-cream Moisturiser ~ This is great for popping on in the morning to give you a bit of a glow, as it suggests, {I’m very good at stating the obvious} but this is a dream, fab to pop on under your makeup for a glow from within kinda look, IDEAL! If I’m not wearing makeup too, it’s great to pop this on as it makes you look alive, and glowy.. ~have I said glowy yet?~ {price; £5}.

Pore Balance ; Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask ~ Now I love a face mask, how do people get on without them? Who knows, they pick me up as well as my skin, so I was so excited to see this in the range. This one left my skin feeling amazing, was so soft and left me overall feeling pretty radiant! {price; £5}.

Maximum Moisture ; Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser ~ This moisturiser is saving my skin at the moment! It’s theeee perfect consistency, and sinks in very well, doesn’t feel heavy or like wet on your face, ~I find that with a lot of moisturisers for dry skin~ it just works perfectly, and I’m finally glad to have found such a FAB budget moisturiser! {price; £5}.

Maximum Moisture ; Hydration On-the-go ~ Now for someone like me that has dryer skin, and sometimes a little dehydrated this is honestly a god send, you can use it under or over makeup on any little dry patches you have, the handy size means you can pop it in your bag and always use it throughout the day! Especially great for winter, forget gloves as a winter essential, get this! {price; £4}.

Sleep Spa ; Sleeping Face Mask ~ Anything that works through the night is ideal if you’re feeling a little lazy with skincare ~ahem, yes sarah you~ because you whack it on and don’t have to worry about it, just reap the rewards in the morning. This overnight mask has really made my skin look glowy and super soft when I’ve woke up, it’s super hydrating which is perfect for my skin in particular! {price; £5}. ~probably my fav from the range~

Sleep Spa ; Every Night Eye Mask ~ I mean I constantly have eye bags, whether I sleep, drink water, use eye cream, I guessed I was just ever so kindly blessed with them. So this product intrigued me, something that’s going to work on my eyes overnight? sounds a dream right, well it is! I mean my eye bags haven’t gone, let’s be real, but my eyes have been so much brighter on the mornings!! {price; £4}. 

Sleep Spa ~ Overnight Lip Mask ~ Ah I bloody love this, an overnight lip mask is just what I need in these coming winter months! It’s a lovely thick, but not sticky balm, with a gorg pinky tint. You can of course wear it through the day too, I just pop a little less on. When I’ve used this I’ve woke up with super soft lips, which is exactly what I want. This is deffo going to be a new favourite that I won’t be able to live without! {price; £4}.

x S

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