spotting the signs of a toxic relationship ~ guest post!

The saying is true, love is blind, and when you’re in love it can be easy to look over certain actions or behaviours of your other half. But constant put downs amongst other things shouldn’t be something that should be overlooked.

These are the signs of spotting a toxic relationship that we should be aware of, because if they continue they’re not only going to leave you feeling low in mood and self esteem, but in time they might get worse and result in an abusive relationship that really affects you.

Spotting the signs of a toxic relationship can not only be beneficial to you, but for your friends and family too. Letting them know and be aware that these actions of other shouldn’t be tolerated, no matter what the circumstance.

Constant belittling; 

Joking and laughing is an important part of any relationship, however if you’re the constant source or butt of their jokes then this could be a toxic sign, especially if you’re left feeling belittled by their words. If this is constant it’s likely they will wear you down, and leave you feeling bad about yourself and this is something that no one deserves to feel at any point.

A sense of dread; 

If you have a feeling of dread about seeing your partner this should be a clear indicator that something isn’t quite right in the relationship. Whether it is pre-arranged plans to see each other or you’re heading home from work to the home you share it’s a red flag if you are worried to see them. A relationship should be a positive part of your life, and if they’re making you feel uncomfortable when you’re around them then it’s time to cut them out.

Only take from the relationship; 

A relationship is a two-way street, and as much as you take you should be willing to give. If you find that your partner only wants thing to go their way, they’ll make all the important decisions, they control conversations, they don’t listen to when you’ve got things to say, these should all be red flags that they’re only in it for themselves. Yes, we can all be a little selfish at times, but if they’re constantly taking from the relationship and giving nothing back it’s a sign that things are a little toxic.

No chance to grow;

It’s a part of life that we grow and change as we age, however if your partner is putting a stop to this or refusing to help you with your plans and goals then something defintly isn’t right. If someone is preventing you from changing or being a better person, this can be a sure sign that your relationship isn’t healthy.

No empathy; 

They might not being mean per se, but small things like ignoring texts, showing up late or cancelling plans without good reason without apologising can be a sign of a toxic relationship. This is because they’re not valuing your time and the effort that you’re putting into the relationship. Once is an accident, but if they’re doing it frequently you need to rethink your part in the relationship. 

If you’re in or have previously been in an abusive relationship you can seek help from doctors and psychiatrics, and even claim compensation as a victim of abuse.


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