Get braced to hear about the most fun brand I have ever come across, I am beyond excited to tell you all about it! Anatomicals, They sell a little bit of everything, mainly face masks, but everything else you could dream of in the way of body & skin care. The main draw for me is the colours, and the funny puns, but the products themselves, are pretty great too.

Let’s start with the face masks (I love face masks, and I’ve tried a lot, practically a connoisseur), and these ones are FAB, they are in the little packets, which I love, normally get one/two uses, mainly share it with someone else, ie. my mam ((hahah she loves it). They have such a variety, for every skin type, and also every sense of humour..

This seaweed mask, is my favourite from the whole collection, it’s such a calming ~smell~ mask, and it leaves my skin feeling the softest ever. Also very cooling, and leaves me feeling very refreshed. Definitely recommend, this is a one I will purchase again n again n agaiiiin!

I mean a chocolate face mask? What more could you want, especially when stressed as it states on the packaging. It left my skin feeling, soft and moisturised. The smell was out of this world, just pure chocolate, which was fab! YUM!

This next mask is a self heating one, which isn’t something I’ve tried a lot of, it’s also mainly for blemished skin, I don’t get a lot of spots as it is, so I can’t say it’s made a difference in that respect, but it’s still a lovely mask! I love whacking on a self

The cherry lip balm has been very close throughout winter, and it’s kept my lips very soft! It has a lovely subtle cheery smell, with a red tint to it, right up my street. It also has spf 8, which is so important, your lips can burn too (facts with sarah).

Hand creams are one of my favourite products (am I 90?) so when I spotted this blueberry one I was so excited, the smell is beyond divine. Then the product itself is very moisturising, this has been a saviour for the past few wintry months.

Have a look over at the Anatomicals website >here<!, they have so many goodies, that you need to have a look at!

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x


This is a little bit of a different post, bare with me on this..

I’m sure you’ve heard about the charity Coppafeel? If not, sorry, but where have you been? You need to know about it, it’s such a bloody important message they put across, and they do it in the best way possible. So basically they are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to create awareness for young people, helping us do the right thing by checking our boobies! On there website they have some incredible stories, ways you can get involved and also the guideline on how to check yourself, also they can send you reminders to make sure you don’t forget?! ~how fab~. have a look over to the Coppafeel website ~here~!

this is a little guide of what to look out for from Coppafeel

Anatomicals is a brand I’ve spoke about on my Instagram before, I love them! They make the most fun skin and body products, well one of the shower gels that they make is in collaboration with Coppafeel. It of course has a fun line on the front, ‘boob tube. grab your melons shower gel’ ~hahah, love it~.

I think this is the best idea for a shower gel EVVVER, because it’s literally reminding you on the front, and plus it smells like actual melons, that’s dreamy, and exactly what I want my boobs to smell of ~hahaha~ no I do actually love the smell of melon! Buy the shower gel ~here~!


I had an idea to share my boob experience within this, and stress how important it is to check! A couple of years ago ~I was 17~ I was feeling my boobs in the bath ~as you *should* do~ and I came across a lump, now I’m the biggest worrier and wimp ever, especially when it comes health issues, so I kinda just kept checking, monitoring it, but it wasn’t disappearing at all so after months I made the decision that I needed too visit a doctor.

Anyway I went, had various appointments at both the doctors & hospital, they decided they wanted to operate on it ~*commence the emotional breakdown* of course I freaked out~, but I got it taken out and thankfully it wasn’t anything serious, it was a ~benign breast lump~ but if I had never of checked my boobs, then who could know what would have been? But the point in my lil story is that I was checking, if I haven’t then I might never have known that I had a lump it could have turned out to be something serious! Of course my story is NOTHING compared to what people go through, but I thought it was fitting to share it. 

I care so much about everyone ~that’s a big factor as to why I wanted to write this~ people I don’t even know, so whoever you are reading this, make sure you check each month, even boys, you check your pecks! ~hehe~

Love yas x