boohoo travel outfit

Whenever you’re travelling you need to be comfortable, that’s the key, but also you want to feel stylish and on trend. Well Boohoo have your back here a tell ya, they have a huge range of amazing bits to wear at the airport, or even just for a day travelling in the car. Now I was very lucky to be able to choose a couple of bits from the Boohoo Man range, I was very drawn to the hoodie selection and also picked up a lovely little holdall bag to carry everything I need wherever I’m going.

So the outfit I’ve chose for travelling was of course a hoodie, now this one in particular from Boohoo is the ‘MAN Signature Embroidered Hoodie’ and I chose the size ‘L’ so it would be a lil larger, whenever you’re travelling comfort is key and you don’t want suffocating by a tight hoodie! This hoodie is SO soft, I’m obsessed, all fluffy inside, such a dream! The embroidery is really nice on the outside too, it adds a lil something something to it, and the quality is amazing overall! I chose the shade ‘pumice stone’ and it’s just a lovely neutral grey / stone shade, goes well with anything!

For the rest of my travelling outfit I picked out a distressed hem denim skirt, with this it’s just comfy again, nothing covering your legs so it’s nice and airy could we say, yes airy. I also think this dresses up the hoodie and makes me feel pulled together, rather than a pair of joggers! I whipped on my little Primark slider shoes which again, comfort (!! do you see the reacurring theme of comfort, that’s what it’s alllll about !!), these can be slipped off easy in the car too ~if you’re a passanger~.

Now we have the bag, gosh I love bags, so I knew I had to find one. I chose the ‘PU Weekend Holdall with Zips’ in the colour brown, adds a little colour and I felt would go perfect with the stone coloured hoodie! It’s a good size bag and holds everything you need for a little travel! It has short straps and also a longer over the body / shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry!

Now one last thing about Boohoo is the fast delivery, so if you’re struggling and need that last minute outfit, or if it was a spontaneous trip, you can get what you need delivered the next day without paying a fortune!

I would recommend checking out the full Boohoo Man airport page ~they separate it for you, which is super handy~ !here! ; also pick up the hoodie ~here~ & pick up the holdall ~here~.

Seen as I’m talking about Boohoo man here, I thought it would be great to slip in a little bit about stag dos, as a lot of people go abroad for them these days, or travel away from home, so you can grab some outfits from Boohoo travel and sort ya travel/flights, accommodation, and extras over at

*this post is in collaboration with boohoo, the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x