urban decay

This is best blogger mail I have ever received, and it’s from none other than the amazing Indulge Beauty team, I have already done a post with a little information about Indulge Beauty which you can read ~here~! They have sent me a bag full of Urban Decay goodies, yes you did read that right URBAN DECAY!! How lucky am I, I am still in awe, and this is the peak of my blogging career so far..

So the first thing I spotted in the bag was the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette, sorry, but HOW exciting! I already have this, but mine is battered and pretty much all used up, I got it when I was 16, and it was the first ‘high end’ makeup item I’d ever got, so getting this again brings back memories of finding my love for makeup! But I adore this palette, it’s defiantly my favorite from the ‘Naked’ collection, it’s the perfect palette to grab everyday, and it is full of warm tones, which work for me!

I’ve tried the Urban Decay ‘vice’ lipsticks before, and I love them, ~of course the one I have already is a red shade hehe~ I’ve been lucky enough to receive a gorg nude shade, perfect for when I want to be a little more natural, you know a ‘your lips but better shade’, it’s in the ‘mega matte’ formula and they are so comfy to wear even though they are completely matte, I just love it!

Since the ‘vice liquid lipsticks’ launched I’ve had my eye on them, wondering what the formula would be like, but I only wish I’d tried these sooner, they are so comfortable to wear on the lips, very opaque/pigmented colour payoff, and have a lovely scent! I am defiantly going to have to purchase some more.. I love the packaging too, because you can very clearly see the colour and the lid is the same as the ‘vice’ lipsticks. The colour I was sent was a gorgeous muted/dark purple ~haha, so good at describing~, but I love it for a more natural look instead of my reds.

I do love trying a new mascara, I always am looking for something lengthening and a little volume, but I hate clumpy lashes, they just don’t look good on me. So I was very exited to spot the Urban Decay ‘troublemaker’ mascara, this is the newest one they have launched, and honestly the packaging, wow! It is bloody gorgeous, but the actual mascara itself, well, I do really like that too, it’s more of a spiky brush, but it works to add length, and volume! So this is a total winner for me, and it’s something I know I’ll repurchase when it runs out, yay!

In the capsule box that Indulge Beauty sent me I was lucky enough to try a mini Urban Decay ‘all nighter’ setting spray, which was great, and something I’d wanted to try for a while, the handy mini size meant that it now belongs in my handbag. So I was very kindly gifted a full size Urban Decay ‘all nighter pollution protection’ setting spray, this is honestly just as fab, keeps my makeup on so well, love the packaging, and has a lovely scent, it’s so handy having a full size as I can keep this at home!

Make sure you have a look over at the Indulge Beauty website & check out the Urban Decay & alllll the other goodies they have ~here~!

Also the BIGGEST thank you evvver to the Indulge Beauty team for sending me these things over, I am so gratefulll! Xx

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x

superdrug ~ some body range!

So I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted a couple of things from the brand new some body range from Superdrug, they let me choose three things from the whole range and I thought it would be a fab idea to tell you a little bit about it.

I’ve taken a little statement from the Superdrug website explaining the range ~ Be strong, be confident, Be More You. Everything you need to power an active lifestyle. Superdrug Some Body is our new health and wellness range to encourage and inspire you to reach your goals. We’ve created innovative products from nutritious protein powders, ready to go drinks to beauty boosting supplements to promote a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind, body and soul.’

I’m not someone that really thinks about protein shakes or healthy snack bars, mainly because I’ve only just mastered drinking water daily.. But I am willing to give everything at try, and I thought this opportunity would be the perfect time to do so.

Let’s have a little chat about the packaging first before I dive into the products, personally I LOVE the packaging for the range, I think the logo is very clear, I love the white with the pops of colour, everything just looks so lovely!

some body

Now I’ve never before tried a protein shake but, literally a banana milkshake we have on our hands here guys, delightful, I mean as someone who knows not a lot about protein, I’m pleasantly surprised, and would defiantly pick more flavors up to try in the future. Check out the banana protein powder ~here~!

 The cocoa & orange protein bar.. Gosh this was too ‘healthy’ tasting for me, I mean it wasn’t inedible, but defiantly not my idea of a yummy snack, I’d much rather pick up a chocolate orange, I know, I know that isn’t good for you.. But for the price again, great value if you are looking for a healthy snack, or adding a little bit of protein into your daily food intake ~do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? hahah~. Check out the protein bar ~here~!

Saved the best till last here.. The watermelon flavored water is defiantly my favorite out of the three, I just love a flavored water option, as it gives boring water a little more zing, you know. I found it super refreshing, and it’s defiantly something I would pick up again. Check out the watermelon water ~here~!

All in all I’ve loved trying out the some body range, I’d defiantly try some more things in the future. A massive thank you to Helen for sending them over.

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x

Indulge Beauty

Have you heard of Indulge Beauty? If not.. you need too. Ps. this blog post is a long one hehe grab a cuppa tea!

It’s a brand new beauty retailer, and they already have everything sooo right. They have a shop in Westfield’s Stratford City (get me there asap), but thankfully they also have a whole sparkly website full with some amazing beauty bits. They sell a massive range of things from, makeup to fragrances, hair products, bath and body and also have a full range for men. FAB! They sell some amazing brands too, let me list a few; beauty blender, buxom, glam glow, makeup forever, the ordinary & urban decay.. I could go on for days. Find a whole list >here<!

A slight extraction from their website that I love is.. ‘At Indulge Beauty, our mission is to empower you when it comes to beauty and grooming – leaving it all in your hands. We aim to redefine the industry so you feel good about how you shop, feel and look – confidence to show the world the real you.’ I LOVE THIS (already said that hehe, but I do).

So I have been VERY lucky to have been gifted one of their beauty capsule boxes, jam packed with their top picks for 2018, and I am in love, so I’m going to share with you what I got inside, EEP how exciting!

Can you believe I call myself a beauty lover, but I’ve never tried a real Beauty Blender? Well I haven’t.. So when I spotted this in my box I screamed! I have a few beauty sponges of course, but this feels amazing compared, it blends my makeup so much more seamlessly, I am fully converted, and I’m just gutted that I didn’t try it sooner. Also it came with a mini Beauty Blender ‘bender cleanser’ so I can wash it properly, and keep it as pink as possible. (Am I now a proper beauty blogger?).. Shop the Beauty blender >here<! & Buy the Beauty Blender cleaner >here<!


Glam Glow is again a branded I’ve lusted over for the longest time, hearing constant shining reviews, I did have a few of there masks on my wish list. But finally I’ve tried one! WOO, and I couldn’t be happier, it defiantly live up to the expectations. So the one I’ve received is the gravity mud firming treatment, it’s a peel of mask, and I can’t deny that I resembled the tin man while I had it on (hahah), but it’s left my skin feeling very firm as suggested and so soft, very easy to peel of too! I’m excited to try more from Glam Glow. Shop the Glam Glow range >here<!


Another thing that I’ve been wanting to try for a while (it’s like my wish list in a box hahah), is the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I’ve heard such amazing things about this for years, and I finally have my own YAY. It’s also a mini which is perfect size to pop in my bag, so I can keep my makeup on, on the go. Shop the Urban Decay range >here<!

urban decay

Bbrowbar next, an eyebrow gel, I must say I love an eyebrow gel, it’s clear, so handy for keeping your brows in place all day, whether you have them filled in or not it’s always a staple product in my makeup bag. This ones really nice it holds the brows in place without them left feeling hard. The brush is a perfect size too! Shop the Bbrowbar range >here<!


We all know that I love my lipsticks, but again a brand I’ve never tried is Lord & Berry crayon lipstick in the shade ‘fire’, which is a gorgeous red/orange with a slight pink hint, this is literally right up my street, and I can already tell I’m going to wear this constantly through spring & summer, well probably all year (let’s be honest). It feels very moisturising on the lips, and gives a lovely sheen. Shop the Lord & Berry range >here<!


When it comes to a moisturiser I defiantly need something hydrating as my skin is mostly dry/dehydrated, so when I spotted the Clarins hydra-essentiel cream in the box I was so excited. I haven’t yet found the ‘perfect’ moisturiser for me yet. This could be it?! (with some luck). I’ve tried it a little, and so far it sits well on my skin, doesn’t bunch up, and does add some hydration, so I’m excited to see in the long run how I get on. Shop the Clarins hydra-essentiel cream >here<!


Another hydrating product?! My skin couldn’t be more excited (and in need, with it being winter lol). A brand named Perricone MD, sounds fancy, eh?! This is the hydrating cloud cream, it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I’ve been using this just on little dry areas on my face as a pose to all over, and I LOVE IT! It defiantly is making my skin a lot softer, and giving my skin the treat it needed. Shop the Perricone MD range >here<!


Let’s chat about a soap next, that I am all heart eyes over the packaging, it looks very vintage, which is right up my street. I never normally venture to buy any snazzy soaps. I just use the ones we have in the house, but it’s defiantly great to have a change. This soap is fair-trade and organic fabulous. It’s by the brand Dr. Bronner’s and it’s the all-one hemp rose, including ingredients such as; coconut oil, palm oil, hemp oil, and rose fragrance. It also smells very fabulous let me tell you. Shop the Dr. Bronner’s soap >here<!

dr bronners

This product I’m about to chat about is something I didn’t even know existed.. It’s by the brand Skin Laundry and it’s a neck & chest sheet mask?! WOW. I love face masks a lot, so I’m very sure I’ll love this. It’s silly but I suppose it’s easy to forget about looking after your skin on both your neck & chest (or maybe it’s just me that forgets haha), but this is such an easy way to keep them areas moisturised. It claims to refresh, tighten and brighten, which is perfect! Shop the Skin Laundry neck & chest mask >here<!

Night creams are one of my favourite skin care products, mainly because you can whack loads on and let it do the skin some magic overnight. This one is from the brand Verso, it’s there night cream with retinol 8. It claims to have a calming and repairing effect on the skin. It’s another fab smelling product and it has made my skin feel smooth. Shop the Verso night cream >here<!

The next product is from a brand called Sachajuan, which is a professional haircare brand, my hair defiantly gets neglected, so I’m excited to have received this. I want to start of with the smell, it is divine! It’s an ocean mist which basically is going to give your hair a very beachy look, which I love, it’ll be fab for the upcoming summer months. Shop the Sachajuan ocean mist >here<!

There was also a couple of fragrances inside the box eeeep, I love trying new fragrances, but it’s not something I ever get to try very often, I think with fragrances it’s easier to stick with what you know. I got the Loewe; Quizas; Pasion, which is an eau de toilette, for me this would be something to wear every now and then as it’s quite strong, but it is a very expensive, warm smelling scent (so good at describing fragrance lol). And also I got the men’s fragrance too! Shop the whole Loewe range >here<!


The final product is from M.E Skin Lab, it’s called ‘baume 27’, again fancy right?! I’ve never ever heard of this brand, but I’m excited to see how this works for me. It’s a repairing balm that helps to restructure the skin, it helps with elasticity and firmness. It’s going to repair any damaged skin, so I’m going to give this a go on a couple of face scars I have (from chicken pox lol).

A massive thank you to the team over at Indulge Beauty for sending me over this beautiful capsule box, I couldn’t be more grateful! *squeeeeze*

Check out the Indulge Beauty website >here<!

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x

mask time; be mine box!

It’s my third day stuck in the house because of the snow, so what better time to grab my laptop and write a little post.

Face masks are utterly my favourite part of skincare, and I swear they’ve solved many the life problem, they just make me happy and my skin soft, what more could I need. I got chatting to the people at Mask Time, and they sent me there beautiful valentines be mine box, woo! It is a little past valentines day, but is love just for that one day? NO.

Let me chat to you a little about Mask Time, basically they are a monthly subscription box, which include sheet masks, plus little bonus samples inside, all Korean! Now personally I couldn’t think of a better subscription box to get, it’s so handy because it allows you to try out things you wouldn’t normally try! Read a little more about how it all started >here<!

EE let’s have a look inside the box, how exciting!


look how pretty this box is when you open it, SO CUTE! i also got a little sample of a face cleanser, woo!


and here we have the inside of the box, how beautiful is everything!!

So now let’s go through each mask that is included inside the box!

lip mask

ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Lips Patch- Price; £3.50

I mean I can’t say I even knew that lip masks existed, but it makes sense? Especially in the winter, our lips easily get dry/chapped, so we need to make sure we pamper them, and what better way than with a cherry mask! This claims to deeply moisturise and nourish the lips, leaving them a little plump too.

wedding dress mask

MERBLISS Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Nude Seal Mask- Price; £4.00

Intense hydration sound right up my street, and exactly what I’d be looking for from a mask. This is targeted for people who have dehydrate and dull skin (ME). And it has caviar and pearl extracts in it, sorry WHAT, how fancy.

pink mud

IT’S SKIN Color Solution Pink Mud Mask- Price; £5.00

A mud sheet mask, again something I have never heard of it, this is exactly why I love subscription boxes, you get things you would never normally buy. So this mask claims to give the skin a boost, whilst clearing clogged pores and clearing out blackheads, and reducing acne. So this sounds like the one to try if you struggle with spots.

pink milk

DUFT & DOFT Pink Milk Mask- Price; £4.50

Milk extracts are inside this mask, as you probably got from the name, which brighten dull skin and bring back a health glow, AHMEN that is what I need, my skin is look dead at the moment. I love anything that is going to give me a luminous glow, so I can be a walking little sunshine.


DEARPACKER JEJU FLOWER Cherry Blossom Mask- Price; £3.50

We have a little cherry scent again, this would probably be perfect to do at the same time as the lip mask. So again from this mask we are going to be brightened and left with a luminous glow. But also it’s going to soften our skin at the same time, what a dream!

Now all of these sound amazing right?!

I can’t wait to get trying some and see if they do wonders to my skin, I just love discovering new favourites, and I have a feeling I will within this box!

Have a little look over at the Mask Time website, where you can subscribe and have a little look at everything they sell >here<! & also purchase the be mine box (the one I’ve shown) >here<!

A huuuge thank you for Mask Time for sending me this box, I love it, and I can’t wait to discover more face mask faves in the future!

Love yas x

box me beautiful; treat yourself box!

Let me tell you about this amazing beauty box service, now the thing that drew me to this box in general was the diversity, perfect for everyone, even for olive, Asian and darker skin tones, but everything still works for pasty ghostly Sarah. It’s important that everyone feels included in the beauty industry, and this box makes sure no one feels left out. So each month box me beautiful create limited edition boxes full of well know beauty, hair and body products.

So this month was the treat yourself box, I mean the name in it’s self is something I live by, so I knew it was perfect for me. I absolutely love everything in this box, and I’m excited to share it all with you! WOO!

Sleek- gel blush, shade- hullabaloo; I love a crème blusher, especially when it comes to spring & summer, it looks so natural on the cheeks, and gives the perfect wash of colour. It is a very bright shade, but it can easily be toned down by just using a small amount. Sleek is a massively well known brand, defiantly something great to find in a beauty box!

Eyeko- black magic mascara; I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand Eyeko, if not.. where have you been? This mascara is one of my favourites, I already have one in my collection, so it’s great to have a spare! It really works well to curl my lashes, and add the definition i need. Also amazing for bottom lashes I find.

Sleek- kajal eyeliner, shade- odyssey; Sleek again, woo woo. We have a kajal eyeliner now, which is something I’ve never tried, but it’s basically made of natural ingredients, mainly waxes & powders. It can be used as an eyeliner, or smudged all of the eye as a shadow, now this is the most gorgeous dark purple shade, and I think for me I’ll probably use it to pop all over the lid, super easy for a quick makeup look!

Sacha- intense lipstick, shade- ex in the city; I enjoy the name pun, plus this is a RED lipstick, hallelujah! I’ve never heard of the brand Sacha, but it’s one of the best things about a beauty box, finding brand you’ve never heard of. I couldn’t be more excited that it’s a red, as you know my favourite lipstick colour, it’s such a bright red, again perfect for spring & summer, from transitioning from my dark reds!

L’Oréal- infallible lip liner, shade- 700 sheer fidelity; We have a lip liner now, L’Oréal is probably one of my favourite brands from the high street so another great addition to this box. This liner is basically clear, you line your lips (obviously sarah it’s a lip liner) with this first, and it acts a barrier to stop the lipstick going out of you desired shape. Personally i think this great, because you don’t have to rummage looking for your matching liner, just use this for every colour!

Lakshmi’s cupboard- shampoo & conditioner bar; This bar totally reminds me of lush! I think it’s great to get a shampoo & conditioner bar because it’s defiantly something I wouldn’t normally think of buying, it’s a little treat for my hair. I haven’t used it yet, but it smells amazing, and feels very moisturising, it has shea butter in which we know is ideal, don’t we?

Ancient Wisdom- base oil- sweet almond; So we have an oil, which is again something I wouldn’t buy but I’m excited by it. This oil is versatile and can basically be used for your skin or hair! Fab my hair defiantly needs treating to some oil. You can mix it with other oils you may already have, or you can use it as an essential burning oil, many many uses!

All in all I’ll use everything from this box, I think it’s a great mixture of things, and a perfect thing to treat yourself too, just to mainly discover some new favourite products, and to treat yourself (hehe). I can’t wait to try some more boxes in the future!

Thank you to the box me beautiful team for sending me over this box to review! Have a look at there website >here<!

You can order a box >here<! exciting news, you can get 10% of with the code sarah10. YAY!

Love yas x