revolution pro ~ supreme matte lip pigment !

Revolution Pro has just recently launched, it’s a side on brand from Makeup Revolution, mainly aimed at makeup artists, or just makeup lovers in general. They have a lot of products, and my eye was mainly drawn to the matte liquid lipsticks, so.. I bought six of them.. ~hehe woops~. I thought that it would be a fab opportunity to do a review.



colours by swatch from left to right; show ~ spiritual ~ inconspicuous ~ subliminal ~ sixth sense ~ intuition.


Sixth Sense ~ this shade is bloody lovely, it’s a very purpley/pink red, reminds me a little of Charlotte Tilburys’ ~ Glastonberry. I think it would be perfect to wear anytime, especially Autumn time, you know, when them leeeaves are falling ~my FAVE time evvvver!

Inconspicuous ~ an orangey red, this colour is screamiiiing summer, and I can’t wait to wear this! It is so bright, which you know, I love me some bright colours! Normally I wouldn’t go for an orange but here we are!

Show ~ show is very much a dark chocolate brown colour, I’ve always wondered what this kinda shade would look like, and honestly, not as bad as expected ~haha~. It does hold a red undertone, which makes it slightly more wearable.

Subliminal ~ this one is my FAVE from them all, it’s just the perfect dark red shade, something I would wear everyday.

Spiritual ~ so here we have a post box kinda red, that true bright red that makes you feel like a glamour queen, I love this, it’s nice to whack on when you’ve got more of a natural makeup on.

Intuition ~ forever I have been searching for a colour like this, and here it finally is, the darkest purple ever, with warm undertones, but not pinky looking, god I am obsessed thank you for blessing us with this Makeup Revolution!

So I’ll do a little round up of what I think overall, personally I am loving this formula, it’s not drying, and they are very opaque colours, which is FAB. Also can we just talk about the packaging? UM, Nars is that u? They really remind me of Nars packaging, and I love that, the sleek black, with the colour popping through. Plus the best bit about them is the fact they are only £4, I mean come on, that’s a bloody bargain!!!

So typical me, ordered two of the shade Show by mistake, and I can’t send it back, it’s still absolutely sealed, untouched, hahah so, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway with it, all you have to do is comment on this blog post! I shall pick someone next Wednesday (02.05.18), and I shall post it too you, hehe, good luuuck! ~uk only!!

Love yas x

superdrug ~ some body range!

So I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted a couple of things from the brand new some body range from Superdrug, they let me choose three things from the whole range and I thought it would be a fab idea to tell you a little bit about it.

I’ve taken a little statement from the Superdrug website explaining the range ~ Be strong, be confident, Be More You. Everything you need to power an active lifestyle. Superdrug Some Body is our new health and wellness range to encourage and inspire you to reach your goals. We’ve created innovative products from nutritious protein powders, ready to go drinks to beauty boosting supplements to promote a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind, body and soul.’

I’m not someone that really thinks about protein shakes or healthy snack bars, mainly because I’ve only just mastered drinking water daily.. But I am willing to give everything at try, and I thought this opportunity would be the perfect time to do so.

Let’s have a little chat about the packaging first before I dive into the products, personally I LOVE the packaging for the range, I think the logo is very clear, I love the white with the pops of colour, everything just looks so lovely!

some body

Now I’ve never before tried a protein shake but, literally a banana milkshake we have on our hands here guys, delightful, I mean as someone who knows not a lot about protein, I’m pleasantly surprised, and would defiantly pick more flavors up to try in the future. Check out the banana protein powder ~here~!

 The cocoa & orange protein bar.. Gosh this was too ‘healthy’ tasting for me, I mean it wasn’t inedible, but defiantly not my idea of a yummy snack, I’d much rather pick up a chocolate orange, I know, I know that isn’t good for you.. But for the price again, great value if you are looking for a healthy snack, or adding a little bit of protein into your daily food intake ~do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? hahah~. Check out the protein bar ~here~!

Saved the best till last here.. The watermelon flavored water is defiantly my favorite out of the three, I just love a flavored water option, as it gives boring water a little more zing, you know. I found it super refreshing, and it’s defiantly something I would pick up again. Check out the watermelon water ~here~!

All in all I’ve loved trying out the some body range, I’d defiantly try some more things in the future. A massive thank you to Helen for sending them over.

*the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for free, but all my opinions are my own*

Love yas x